IO-Link – a Success Story!
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IO-Link – a Success Story!

IO-Link continues to grow in number of devices installed and in advances to the technology itself. Read this article about IO-Link Safety, wireless connectivity, and a profile for smart sensors. Then read this issue's additional IO-Link articles., application stories, and product news.

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Help Wanted
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Help Wanted

PI North America is looking for an automation engineer with excellent oral and written communications skills. At PI North America we write white papers, make videos, teach free PROFINET one-day training classes, blog, tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, edit PROFINEWS, and more. Help wanted.

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IO-Link: Did You Know

Did you know that IO-Link can be integrated into any fieldbus system? One of the most important features of IO-Link is its fieldbus neutrality. It allows the IO-Link functionality to be connected to nearly any fieldbus. Either the standardized mappings in fieldbuses, e.g. for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCat, and Sercos, or manufacturer-specific mappings for EtherNet/IP, CANopen, Modbus, CC-Link, and AS-Interface can be used for this.

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IODDfinder, the IO-Link Data Portal for IODDs

The IO-Link Community has launched a service that offers significant value for members and technology users. It is a central database for all IO Device Descriptions. It is free for both members and users.

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IO-Link Simplified Firmware Updating

The intelligence and complexity of sensors and actuators is constantly increasing. Today, even the smallest sensors have a powerful microcontroller and several thousand lines of software code. Firmware updates may occasionally be necessary to enable new functionalities or to add newly supported profiles. To meet these needs, the IO-Link community has specified a firmware update profile.

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IO-Link Wires Core Shooter Machine

When the foundry machinery manufacturer Laempe Mössner Sinto planned the new LHL machine series, it decided to implement the entire automation for this with IO-Link. This produces several benefits: Besides costs, the manufacturer also saves the time required for the installation, wiring and electrical planning, while customers benefit from a more dynamic and faster machine.

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RFID: Simply (cost-) Efficient with IO-Link

A renowned manufacturer of sophisticated mechatronic products relies on RFID technology integrated into production processes via IO-Link. The manufacturer utilizes this technology in the final assembly of the power electronics units for premium electric cars. The mobile data storage devices are suitable for the increased temperatures encountered during casting.

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