IODDfinder, the IO-Link Data Portal for IODDs

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The IO-Link community has released a central database for IO device descriptions. This valuable service provides a big advantage, not only for IO-Link members but also for users of the IO-Link technology. IO-Link vendors will have the advantage of a consistent and up-to date pool for IODDs and users will find the IODDs of all existing devices in one central place on the internet – surfing sessions through vendor specific homepages is a thing of the past.

A Device Description is a software based description of the device functionality. As this is not an executable program, the IODD is not like driver software but is rather recognizable as a template for the function of a certain IO-Link device. The IODD is an essential part of an IO-Link device and therefore it is important that it be accessible to the user.

A centralized, cross-vendor database for IODDs is a historic demand of IO-Link users. For this reason, the IO-Link community defined a project to fulfill this strong demand. This project has now resulted in the new online-service called IODDfinder, which can be reached via the IO-Link homepage or directly by following the link:

The start page of the IODDfinder shows a search bar to insert a certain manufacturer, article number, or product type of the desired IO-Link device. After entering these search parameters, a result list displays the relevant products. The IODDfinder webpage (Medium)user is able to browse through the results and will get detailed information by clicking the assigned product line. This information contains a product picture and a vendor logo as well as the desired IODD as a ZIP file for download.

Besides the manual handling of IODDfinder there is the possibility to create a software interface to access the online database. This means that IO-Link configuration tools could have an automatic link to all published IODDs and be able to select the desired device description on demand. The use of IODDfinder is free of charge for users and members. Members are able to get a free account for the database by applying via email at They will find different ways to upload and maintain their IODDs. Beside this, the operating technology partner cluetec GmbH, provides additional services to connect a company data system automatically to the central data pool of IODDfinder. More information is available by clicking on the “cluetec” logo at the bottom line of the IODDfinder page.

The new service already hosts more than 3500 IO-Link devices from 38 manufacturers. This compendium gives IO-Link users a very good overview of the broad range of available IO-Link devices – not only sensors and actuators but also useful IO-Link accessories. In addition, it provides manufacturers the opportunity to give more background information on certain IO-Link devices.

The IO-Link community is very happy to offer this valuable service for both parties, their members to provide a high quality and consistent data platform for IODDs and all technology-user to serve a central drop-in center for more information about available IO-Link devices and their accessories.