Religion, Politics, and Cybersecurity

My momma raised me right. Growing up, she taught me there are certain topics you avoid expressing your opinions on to just anybody. Those were: religion, politics, and cybersecurity 😉. Nowadays though, it’s hard to avoid talking about these topics. Welcome to this security-focused issue of PROFINEWS.

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Additional Security for PROFINET

It is not sufficient simply to protect plant networks and automation components, rather the protective mechanisms and concepts must not interfere with a running production operation. Additional measures will now supplement the proven IT security concept for PROFINET.

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New Products – October 2020

New products this month include: wireless valve systems from Emerson; industrial Ethernet switches from Indu-Sol; multi-parameter transmitters from Mettler Toledo; and laser marking systems from Panasonic.

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PROFINET Security: Easy and Affordable

With view towards a future with increased networking, for example by Industrie 4.0, situations may arise in which the traditional cell-protection and defense-in-depth concepts alone are not sufficient. Read this Tech Tip for details on PI's approach to PROFINET security.

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Hydraulics with IO-Link

The open IO-Link standard establishes continuous communication with sensors and actuators irrespective of the fieldbus used. Now, even hydraulic proportional valves can be intelligently, easily and cost-effectively integrated with bi-directional digital communication.

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Cotton Gin Increases Yields [App Story]

When your factory can only run three months out of the year, there’s no question that your primary mission must be to get the maximum yield out of your raw materials. Recently, Milstead Farm Group Inc upgraded their cotton gin facility to feature a state of the art PROFINET network.

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An Introduction to PROFINET Cabling

In this Tech Tip, you can learn all about a crucial piece of infrastructure in PROFINET networks: the cabling. Copper and fiber optics considerations together with the different cable types and applications are covered.

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Denmark: Messe Under COVID-19

Last month, PI Denmark exhibited at the Automatic Messe 2020 fair. The event followed strict social distancing rules while allowing face-to-face interaction between exhibitors and attendees. Learn how they accomplished it and their main impressions.

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