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IO-Link: Did You Know?

Did you know that every IO-Link device is delivered with a mandatory device description? With IO-Link there are many enhanced functions available compared to conventional sensors and actuators. IO-Link devices can be uniquely identified and conveniently parameterized, and they supply diagnostics that open up new opportunities and potential for plant availability and predictive maintenance. In […]

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Tech Tip: PROFINET’s Got Class – in Real Time

PROFINET has class, in fact, many classes: Conformance Classes, Real Time classes, media redundancy classes, and even more class(es). Last issue covered Conformance Classes; this Tech Tip covers Real Time classes. The Real Time classes determine the services used and how the protocol operates “under the hood,” if the communication is synchronized or unsynchronized among […]

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Tech Tip: PROFINET’s Got Class

In this tech tip, we want to explain to you how PROFINET can further help in your project or product planning. Not only is PROFINET the leading Industrial Ethernet standard, another advantage of PROFINET is that it has class, in fact, many classes: conformance classes, real time classes, media redundancy classes and even more class(es). […]

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