All About UPtime: Redundancy in your PROFINET Network

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– PI North America presents a new white paper –

Generally, in an automation network, there are many components that can potentially fail. Depending on the end user’s requirement, PROFINET allows them to build a reliable network according to their specific goals. This month we are featuring a new white paper on PROFINET redundancy. Topics include device, controller, media and network redundancy, S1, S2, R1 and R2 configurations. Read the abstract and download the full copy below:

It’s all about Uptime: Redundancy in your PROFINET Network

Abstract: “Automation networks have always been designed to meet two key criteria: reliability and availability. Reliability is the first priority. Data that enters the network should be unchanged and always make it to its destination. Availability is a more complex problem because it’s not just about moving bits across a network. Redundancy mechanisms turn a reliable system into a highly available system, adding extra components or functionality to maintain reliable operation through a number of failures. This White Paper will go over the four components of a PROFINET redundant network. Then, it will cover PROFINET’s scalable system redundancy configurations.”

Download Full White Paper