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GE Intelligent Platforms has released a new video about PROFINET redundancy, or what they term ‘high availability’. HARTING has a new iPad App that allows users to configure their connectors.


The new video from GE runs approximately 45 minutes in length and discusses the advantages of a redundant PROFINET network compared to traditional topologies. Then, a demonstration of the system is performed. This includes an interesting look at changing an I/O device’s hardware configuration while the application continues to run.


PressPhoto.iPad_HARTING_ScreenShotHARTING’s iPad configurator app helps users design the custom, modular connector from standard parts that best suits their application. By employing this free, interactive, drag-and-drop app to choose the connector model and size (from select series of popular hoods and housings) as well as all inserts, users can see their custom connector coming together on screen and alter the content and layout. During the selection process, both male and female sides of the connector are displayed. Power, signal, data, pneumatic and blank inserts are available. Once the customized connector has been configured, the app generates a list of specified materials (including part numbers) that can be emailed to the user.

Created by HARTING North America, the app makes designing a modular connector a fast, simple task that can be performed in the field or office. It can assure that when ordering connectors, all part numbers are correct. That’s not all. Users who want to better understand how much they can save using HARTING modular rectangular connectors in place of hard-wired connectors can do it with the app’s Savings Calculator. It dynamically displays the cost savings from connectors that accrue over a period of time, from the initial investment through up to three subsequent installations resulting from shipping, assembling and maintaining the machine or system.