Tech Tip: PROFINET’s Got Class, PROFINET’s Got Class

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The redundant title is your first clue to this issue’s topic: media redundancy classes.

Media redundancy is optional with all conformance classes, but in some applications it is critical for correct operation (for example, hot backup in a safety application) and offers network media redundancy through a ring topology. PROFINET has two main media redundancy classes defined. MRP – Media Redundancy Protocol which offers <200ms recovery in a network up to 50 switches and MRPD – Media Redundancy for Planned Duplication which is a bumpless redundancy. (Zero millisecond recovery time)! MRP is typically used with Real Time (RT) and MRPD with Isochronous Real Time (IRT). You can learn more about these in our MinutePROFINET video series. Here’s a short animation of how they work:

–from the PROFI Interface Center in Tennessee where all these classes are explained in class – the PROFINET Certified Network Engineer class

But wait, there’s more! In the future we may come back to discuss other classes, for example, PROFIdrive application classes, system redundancy classes, and others since they are important to know about too. And there is even one more important class you need to know about… our PROFINET certification class! We would be happy to see you there and can assure you that becoming a PROFINET certified engineer is real classy!