New Products (Issue 123)

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New products this month include: New switches, wireless bridges, networked power supplies, PLC control over Ethernet, and industrial patch panels.

l20140825102549Tiny 1588 PTPv2 Switches for Precise Motion Control

Time synchronization is increasingly important for distributed systems in industrial automation. To meet this need, Moxa has implemented the latest PTP (Precision Time Protocol) technology in their new line of EDS-405A-PTP switches. The switches support the IEEE 1588v2 real-time clock, which is required to synchronize the clocks of all connected devices to sub-microsecond accuracy.

Anybus Wireless Bridge group2Connecting Devices – Wirelessly

For several years, the Anybus Wireless Bridge has been a popular solution to replace Ethernet cabling with a Bluetooth or WLAN connection. After the acquisition of the wireless gateways from u-blox/connectBlue in September, HMS Industrial Networks can now present an expanded suite of Anybus Wireless Bridge products for connecting industrial devices wirelessly.

Siemens integriert neue Stromversorgung in vernetzte Automatisierungsanwendungen / Siemens integrates new power supply in networked automation applicationsPower Supply Integrated into Networked Automation

With the new Sitop PSU8600 Siemens presents its next-generation power supply system: It is the first power supply capable of being completely integrated in networked automation applications and the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal).The Ethernet/Profinet interfaces enable users to individually set voltage and current for up to 16 outputs, for example.

netLINK-MPIControl S7 PLCs over Ethernet with MPI Adaptor

Hilscher North America announces availability of the netLINK-MPI, an adaptor that enables direct communication between two or more PLCs over Ethernet. It’s also possible to connect multiple PLCs that don’t have an internal Ethernet connection, by using the netLINK adaptor. Full PROFIBUS diagnostics and Master Class 2 DPV1 services are available.

Pressphoto.Ha-VIS.mConNext Generation Switches with Integrated PROFINET

HARTING’s two newest, fully managed Ethernet switches – the Ha-VIS mCon 3000 Next Generation – have been optimized for fast deployment in the harshest industrial environments to support today’s increasingly sophisticated network structures. With their PROFINET I/O stack, mCon 3000 NG switches can be deployed and incorporated seamlessly into existing and new PROFINET applications.

Belden_MIPPIndustrial-Strength Patching and Termination Solutions

Belden Inc. announces its new distinct ranges of structured Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) products for harsh industrial applications. With three robust and versatile termination panel options available, engineers and installers can easily connect both fiber and copper cables from operating environments to active equipment.

141201 PROCENTEC introduces the ProfiSwitch X5 copyProfiSwitch X5 – 5 Channel Customizable Baud Rate Hub

ProfiSwitch X5 is the first ProfiHub to include the ability to run multiple baud rates with in the same network, by one Controller. This transparent hub modernizes any PROFIBUS installation, by allowing channel baud rate customization with in one network, with the ease of adjusting a rotary switch.