New Products: Issue 124

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New products this month include: push-pull IO-Link masters, Ethernet switches, programmable temperature transmitters, industrial embedded PCs, and laser based data transmission.

PushPull_02Push-Pull IO-Link Master Modules

Fiber-optic cables have now become established in industrial data communication also. Optical data transmission offers numerous advantages, particularly for data-intensive applications with a high demand on availability, such as are typical in the automotive industry. Balluff takes this into account with the new push-pull variants of its PROFINET IO-Link master modules. These are available with the choice of a fiber-optic cable or copper cable connection.

2014-01-27_AD_eCon_2000-3000Ethernet Switches for Efficiency and Performance

High efficiency and performance, along with simple and quick operation – the new Ha-VIS eCon Unmanaged Ethernet Switches from HARTING place a premium on meeting these demands. Tested and optimized for industrial Ethernet, including PROFINET, and designed for jobs in harsh industrial environments, over 150 new unmanaged Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches equally enable the cost-effective expansion of existing network infrastructures, as well as the development of new industrial networks.

TURCK_TTMProgrammable Temperature Transmitters

To broaden the functionality of its temperature transmitters, TURCK expanded its TTM sensor line to include dynamic programmability and special features via IO-Link. These fully programmable sensors allow a user to program the temperature range required, rather than be constrained to specific ranges, for more specific temperature control. This new functionality also allows the sensor to be programmed and used as a temperature switch.

Econ-100-incl-CompactCom-ProfinetMachine Control plus Industrial Connectivity

With the new IXXAT Econ 100, HMS offers a stand-alone embedded PC for real-time Industrial Ethernet for many applications – from small material handling devices to complex robot-based systems for medical use. The Econ 100 combines the machine control expertise from IXXAT with the fieldbus and industrial Ethernet capabilities of HMS’ Anybus technology.

DDLS500_300dpi (Custom)Interference-Free Data Transmission

With the DDLS 500, Leuze electronic has developed a data transmission photoelectric sensor that, in addition to a high transmission rate of 100 Mbit/s, sets new standards – above all with respect to usability. The devices transmit all common Ethernet protocols without time delay up to a distance of 120 m, be it PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet UDP, or other Industrial Ethernets.