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PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has updated the planning, installation, and commissioning guidelines for PROFINET networks to include acceptance test checklists. A new PROFINET System Description is also released. Meanwhile, in Social Media, the PROFIblogger muses on ‘what is the Industrial Internet of Things’.

PROFINET Checklist for Acceptance Tests

For several years, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has been providing guidelines for planning, installation, and commissioning of PROFINET networks. These were used in day-to-day activities of many plant and machine builders as well as end users. Experts from end user groups, especially from the automotive industry, were actively involved in the development of these guideline documents right from the beginning. This had a very positive effect on the quality of the documents.

PN_checkNow, these commissioning guidelines have been expanded on some points to include experiences gained through active collaboration with acceptance test service providers, as well. Accordingly, the new edition includes a detailed checklist that additionally specifies easy to use criteria for acceptance tests of PROFINET networks. These criteria can be easily verified with commonly used tools. Of course, support for such acceptance tests is provided for this by the PI Competence Centers, established worldwide, as well.

All in all, PI offers integrated and coherent communication solution packages from the basic specification to system maintenance. This is achieved through the active and continuous collaboration of its members.

The new guidelines are available in English and German and can be downloaded free of charge by all interested parties at http://www.profibus.com/download/.

PROFINET System Description
This is the go-to resource for anybody looking to get an introduction to the PROFINET technology. It is comprehensive yet comprehensible. Recently updated, this is a highly recommended piece of literature. PROFINET System Description

Social Media

Network 3d diagramFrom the PROFIblog, come two posts: “How to spend your Christmas vacation” (Hint: still relevant after vacation) and “What is the Industrial Internet of Things?”. It’s a multiple choice question: A) Things that talk to each other. B) Just another buzzword. C) Ethernet-connected things. D) Where industrial automation has been headed all along.