PROFIdrive: Tell Me More

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Want to learn more about PROFIdrive? There are many resources available including documentation, white papers, and videos.

For a quick introduction, view the MinutePROFINET video “MinutePROFINET: PROFINET and Drives.”

PROFIdrive is one of many application profiles for PROFINET and PROFIBUS. An application profile is like an “object” in that it arranges data in a consistent way across vendors. So while the communication protocol determines how the data will be communicated, an application profile determines how the data will be arranged. For an understanding of application profiles in general, view “MinutePROFINET: PROFINET Application Profiles.”

This 5-minute video has PI Chairman Karsten Schneider presenting drives and PROFIdrive:

For longer videos, see these two webcasts: “PROFIdrive” and “Drive Safety.”

Documents available include (recommended to be read in this order):

Finally, this interactive PROFIdrive Slide Set allows exploration based on individual interests and questions.