New Products – April 2016

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Flowmeters with PROFINETPrestige MFC Profinet

Bronkhorst High-Tech announces the availability of a PROFINET fieldbus interface on their mass flow meters and controllers for gases and liquids, as well as their digital pressure controllers. The wide range of digital metering and control devices can be applied in many different markets.

Significantly Increase Safe OutputsMurrelektronik_Safety copy

Now it’s possible to easily increase in the number of safe outputs within a system by using Murrelektronik‘s combined solution: the modular Cube67 fieldbus system and the safe fieldbus module MVK Metal Safety. That saves spaces in the cabinet because safety relays are no longer necessary.

Control System with Integrated Fieldbus DiagnosticsActive Field Distributor

With the new Active Field Distributor Simatic AFDiSD which features extended fieldbus diagnostics, Siemens is the first supplier to offer fully integrated and extended fieldbus diagnostics for PROFIBUS PA in the process control system Simatic PCS 7.

Profinet Communication  for Enhanced Environmental ConditionsSiemens coprocessor

With its new CP 1604 EEC communication processor, Siemens is extending its offering for PC modules with Profinet technology to include a variant for enhanced environmental conditions. The CP can be used in rail applications, permitting a system to be approved in accordance with DIN EN 50155 / IEC 60571.

Portfolio expansion for Basic ControllersNew S7 1200 modules

Siemens has added a range of new modules and functions to the Simatic S7-1200 Basic Controllers. One of the new products, the Energy Meter module SM1238, precisely records energy flows. In addition, the Basic Controllers have also been enhanced with the new CPU 1212FC for failsafe applications in the lower power range. The new release, version 4.2, now includes PROFINET Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP).

Motion Control Integrated into Engineering FrameworkMotion Control in Engineering Tool

Siemens is launching a matched package for motion control applications on the market, comprising the Simatic Advanced Controller and the Sinamics servo drive system. The new Simatic S7-1500 T-CPU controller handles the control tasks. The new Sinamics V90 servo drive system with Profinet brings the required speed and precision into the machine.

Small PROFIBUS Master InterfacePBpro_USB_rgb_72dpi

Softing presents PBpro USB, the world’s smallest PROFIBUS master interface for PCs. It is so compact that it easily fits into a PROFIBUS connector housing. The PBpro USB has the size of a matchbox and can be easily stowed in any laptop bag – a convenient companion for mobile use.

HMI with Codesys PLC and ProfinetTurck1216_96

Turck is showcasing a new HMI series: the TX500 HMI PLCs with high-end touch displays and fast processors are ideal for use in small to medium-size machines which have processes that have to be controlled, operated and visualized locally. Each TX500 is equipped with a PROFINET master.

IO-Link Ultrasonic Sensors for EX AreasTurck0916_96

Turck is expanding the high-end series of its RUU ultrasonic sensors with 3GD models for use in EX Zones 2 and 22. The new RUU/3GD sensors are provided with switching and analog output, as well as IO-Link interface. With ranges of 40, 130, 300 or 600 cm they are ideally suited for fill level applications in tanks or feeders.

PLC Functionality for I/O ModulesTurck0816_96

Turck is showcasing ARGEE – a simple PLC functionality for Turck’s block I/O modules. ARGEE enables PLC functions to be programmed directly on the modules. In this way, simple controller functions can be outsourced to the I/O modules, thus relieving the workload on the central PLC. They can be used in PROFINET networks.

Block I/O Module for Serial InterfacesTurck0716_96

Turck is now also offering a communication module with serial interfaces for its ultra-compact TBEN-S Ethernet block I/O series: the TBEN-S2-2COM module comes with two serial ports, which can be individually configured as RS232 or RS485 interfaces as required. The modules can also be run in PROFINET networks without any intervention required by the user.

Factor 1 Sensors with IO-LinkTurck0516_96

Turck is showcasing additional uprox3 factor 1 sensors: the BI20U-M30 cylindrical proximity switch offers a switching distance of 20 mm in all materials even with fully flush mounting. The BI20U-M30 is also available with IO-Link so that parameters such as switching distances, hysteresis, or off delay can be set individually.