PROFINET Device / Controller Integration + PROFIdrive

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Microsecond Accuracy

The IRT channel of PROFINET provides synchronized, deterministic communication between the controller and connected devices at a high data rate and high accuracy. The field of application of IRT includes, in particular, high-performance motion control applications, such as for coordination of hundreds of axes with accuracy to the microsecond. The IRT frames are transferred in a simultaneous cyclic sequence in reserved time windows. The remaining cycle time can be used for standard TCP/IP communication.

PROFIdrive_microsec copyFor drive users, however, it is important to be able to use drives of different manufacturers with an identical communication interface. This is necessary to enable selection of the optimal device for each application. PROFIdrive, the standard profile for drive technology in conjunction with the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communication systems, was developed for this. The use of open “application profiles” is a tried-and-tested way of using communication systems to connect drives and controllers from different manufacturers in an integrated and straightforward way. The fact that PROFIdrive has been standardized in IEC 61800-7 and is recommended by various international institutions such as OMAC means that its future as an internationally accepted standard is guaranteed. This is obviously useful not only for drive manufacturers but also for manufacturers of motion controllers and other controllers.

A PROFINET controller with IRT functionality from Hilscher is now closing the final gap. Standardized access to the drive is now possible with the reference implementation of the PROFIdrive controller example application with the interface to the Hilscher PROFINET IRT Controller. As a result, practically any (industrial) PC or any controller platform is able to speak PROFINET IRT and control time-critical applications. Even the drive world with PROFINET comes within reach of a fast integration. These applications are no longer reserved for dedicated NC controls. Instead, PROFINET IRT and PROFIdrive are available as a solution for any automation solutions.

PN Driver for Controllers

PROFINET_IntegrationThe PROFINET Driver is suitable for simple applications, e.g. individual PROFINET lines in which the machines are not networked with one another. Because the PROFINET Driver is shipped as source code, proprietary solutions can be ported into various operating systems. Ready portings are contained in the delivery for Windows and Debian Linux.

The hardware configuration can be made comfortably and license-free via TIA Portal. However no engineering tool (such as TIA Portal, STEP 7) is necessary, since the application can be configured by means of an open XML interface.

The PN Driver supports PROFINET real-time (RT) and, when using a real-time operating system, achieves cycle times of as little as 1 ms.

Features overview:

  • PROFINET Controller
  • Cycle times to 32 ms on Windows and to 1 ms on a real-time operating system
  • 16 devices for Windows, 128 devices for Debian Linux
  • Fast Start Up + Shared device
  • License-free engineering with TIA Portal V13 SP1
  • Option handling + Automatic addressing
  • Adaptation of device and Vendor ID
  • Includes six standard examples for machine builder incl. C-Code and Step 7 V13 SP1 projects

ERTEC Evaluation Kit

The new ERTEC 200P (Enhanced Real-Time Controller) sets new standards for the communication performance of PROFINET. Designed for cycle times as short as 31.25 μs, the performance upgrade for PROFINET has been integrated into the ERTEC 200P. With its fast ARM 9 CPU and integrated IRT switch, field devices with the most demanding performance requirements are possible. The reduced chip size allows hassle-free integration into compact field devices. The CPU with clock frequency to 250 MHz allows integration of your own applications, eliminating the need for an external host CPU in many cases.