Training (All US Classes Finalized)

Global Training 2016

There are over 200 training classes remaining globally in 2016. Visit the PI global training website to filter by country, technology, and target student. In just April alone there will be training in: Germany, Italy, Dubai, the Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, and France.

In this issue an IO-Link workshop in Italy is highlighted. In North America the training schedule is finalized for PROFINET free one-day training classes, PROFINET and PROFIBUS Certified Network Engineer classes, and PROFINET Developer classes.

PROFINET_one-day-trainiing-class-mapTwelve PROFINET one-day training classes remain in the 2016 series with firm dates and venues set for all: Oklahoma City, Portland, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Montreal, Boston, Houston, Detroit, Nashville, Cincinnati, and Jacksonville.

Course Evaluations for the first five classes have been very positive. Most students thought the class was just the right length. An overwhelming percentage felt the instructors’ knowledge and question handling was “Outstanding.”  Some representative comments:

“Having the mix of instructors and video was great.”

“I would recommend to others.”

“Great intro course.”

“Great information. I have never had a PROFINET project, but it seems like the technology is superior.”

“Learned more than I expected. Thank you!”

“Just to the point.”

“Thank you for putting the class together. It is very informative.”

Certified Network Engineer classes for PROFINET and PROFIBUS are scheduled, as are Developer Classes.

Every seat was filled at the PROFINET one-day training class in Greenville, SC:

Italy IO-Link Workshop

After the successful debut of the IO-Link user workshop last fall in Milan, the IO-Link community will be in Italy again in Piacenza on May 12th. The workshop will take place in the Piacenza Expo and will be held in Italian language. For visitors, the workshop is free of charge.

Our experts will teach you the basics of the IO-Link technology and use real-world examples to show you how easy it is to carry out configuration, PLC integration, device replacement, and much more. Throughout the user workshop you will have the opportunity to talk to our experts and clarify all important issues. Take advantage of breaks to visit our microfair and learn about the offers of individual manufacturers.

For further information and registration please go to