Product News – Issue 149

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Ten companies present 15 new IO-Link products: Aventis, Balluff, Belden, Comtrol, Festo, GERMBEDDED, Leuze, M&M Software, Schmalz, and Turck.

Aventics IO-Link Pressure Regulator

With the electropneumatic pressure regulator EV03, Aventics increases the degrees of freedom for developers, simplifies system commissioning, offers flexible application, and decreases the variety of parts in storage. The IO-Link or an optional display can be used to change the regulator dynamics, regulator precision and pressure range, or for a manual pressure adjustment. This results in advantages in procurement, commissioning, and storage, as fewer different components are needed.

Four Balluff IO-Link Products

Balluff has introduced four IO-Link products (click for details):

  1. Weld-immune IO-Link masters and sensor/actuator hubs
  2. IO-Link Memory module
  3. IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs in metal
  4. Fieldbus modules with 4 IO-Link ports and multiple Industrial Ethernet connectivity

Belden’s Two New IO-Link Modules

LioN-Power Multiprotocol I/O Modules from Belden are claimed to be the most versatile multiprotocol I/O modules on the market. This line also features new universal 16 digital in-/output (DIO) module options that give users the freedom to adjust the modules to any I/O configuration to meet the various needs of their systems.

The LioN-Power IO-Link Masters are fieldbus-independent, multiprotocol modules that ensure consistent, intelligent communication between programmable logic controllers and smart devices that is necessary for IIoT. These modules provide enhanced flexibility with support for PROFINET and customizable port configurations that can manage digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs via IO-Link and smart devices – all in a single device. This allows users to easily connect devices to different systems and controllers worldwide.

Comtrol IO-Link Device Access to Multiple Controllers

Comtrol’s MultiLink technology allows IO-Link Masters to simultaneously provide a sensor’s process data to PLC platforms, while also sending the sensor’s ISDO service and process data via Modbus TCP or OPC UA upstream to IIoT/Industrie 4.0 Cloud solutions or SCADA systems.

Festo Pressure and Vacuum Products

Festo Pressure sensor: The attractively priced pressure sensor SPAN is amazingly flexible thanks to switchable electrical outputs and a very wide range of  options for pressure measurement ranges and pneumatic connections.

The compact design of just 30 x 30 mm, the range of variants
and the user-friendly menu navigation make the sensor suitable for
every kind of application. Remote maintenance and parameterization via IO-Link.

Vacuum generator: Integration for greater economic efficiency: the new modular vacuum generator series OVEM is here. It integrates into one unit a wide range of functions that can be individually selected. The new vacuum generator series starts with four performance classes and a built-in air saving function. The product is completely configurable for the respective application. The new, low-cost alternative with one switching output indicates whether the vacuum level has been reached. IO-Link Port type A, V1.1

IO-Link Analyzer

The IO-Link Analyzer from GERMBEDDED is a powerful tool for use in development, engineering and servicing of IO-Link based devices and systems. Inserted between IO-Link Master and Device, it records all communication and visualizes it in real time. You can immediately see what is really going on between the master and the device, or store the trace for later offline analysis.

IO-Link Field Master

The IO-Link interface is a first step toward Industrie 4.0. It is used to exchange the available process, configuration and diagnostic data directly with the control system. To achieve true Industrie 4.0 implementation, however, data does not only need to be made available in the control system but at the same time also has to be available at other levels all the way up to the cloud.  For this purpose, Leuze electronic has designed an IO-Link field master which makes available the process and diagnostic data simultaneously via a web server.

IO-Link Parameterization Tool

The ioddINTERPRETER from M&M Software provides users of IO-Link with a configuration and parameterization tool with an optimized user interface. Due to the implementation based on the FDT® technology (Field Device Tool) as DTM (Device Type Manager) using this software tool is very user friendly. The fieldbus and manufacturer independence of FDT allows for unrestricted vertical connectivity through all fieldbus communication layers up to the sensor and/or actuator.

The ioddINTERPRETER was developed by a company group and is available to end-users free of charge via download. System vendors and device manufacturers can obtain further information about this product – also about integration – by contacting us directly.

IO-Link Pressure and Vacuum Switches

J. Schmalz GmbH claims to be the first company on the market to develop a new series of vacuum and pressure switches that open up completely new communication possibilities and make processes much more transparent. The VSi version is easy to integrate into systems and makes vital process data visible. The switch communicates with all conventional field-bus systems via IO link and also allows you to readout information using a smartphone.

Turck IO-Link Master in IP67

Turck‘s IO-Link masters offer some specifics: With SIDI the IO-link devices can be integrated with a drag-and-drop operation in the control project. Turck’s TBPN is also the only block I/O module that transmits safe signals and IO-Link data on one line to the control.