Application Story: Redundant Communication in Mines

The MDJ-100 is a fully redundant PROFIBUS-based system enabling communication in more than 50 shaft mines across eastern Europe. The network incorporates intrinsic safety (PROFIBUS PA) to cope with the explosive environment below ground, and functional safety (PROFIsafe) to ensure worker safety at all times.

The Intrinsically Safe MDJ-100 for Signalization and Communication in Mine Shafts

It’s compliance to Intrinsic Safety Code I M1 (Ex ia I) enables the equipment to operate in a methane-rich environment. Methane is highly flammable, requiring such measures. A hybrid opto-electrical redundant PROFIBUS network based on fiber optic cabling and conventional RS-485 cabling is employed. Sensors, switches, push buttons, and indicator lights are all connected and monitored centrally above ground in the control room.

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