PI Poland to Hannover Fair 2017

Poland is honored to be a partner country on the Hannover Fair this year. Significant growth of the Polish economy in recent years has resulted in an increased number of foreign investments. There is a very big interest in Poland. European countries form the backbone of economic cooperation with Poland but there is also strong influence from the US and Asian countries.

Since entering the European Union, there has been significant economic growth and a constant flow of new technologies into our country. PI Poland is actively promoting the world’s newest technologies. Being part of the international PI community, we have access to technology of industrial networks: Profibus, Profinet, and IO-Link. Our Polish organization contributes to the promotion of these technologies in Polish industry. Practically every branch of industry is benefiting from the use of industrial networks, and the vast majority of those networks are Profibus and Profinet.

The automotive industry is the most dynamically developing sector in Poland. This branch of industry is one of the most automated and well-developed in our country. Most car manufacturers have chosen Profibus and Profinet as the standard for network communication in their factories. Also, most car component manufacturers, as well as machine producers, have decided to use Profibus and Profinet as the standard in their solutions. In recent times, there has been a noticeable development and many new applications based on IO-Link technology.

PI Poland actively promotes industrial network technologies through a series of themed and professional conferences, organized together with PI Poland members and PI Competence Centers.

Lately we have noticed an increased number of companies joining PI Poland. It provides them access to the world’s recent technologies and good market position for their new and existing systems. We actively cooperate with universities and scientific institutes, which also, without a doubt, contributes to the development of industrial network knowledge among engineers and  technical staff.

PI Poland takes multiple actions in many fields. On the one hand, we are doing our best to ensure access to the knowledge of recent network technologies; on the other hand, we need to take care of all industrial users. Together with our PI Training Center (PITC), we do this through training on the implementation of industrial networks, use, and maintenance. Furthermore, we translate crucial documentation and system descriptions into Polish. We co-organize marketing and technical conferences and symposiums. We are also engaged in professional conferences; e.g., in the automotive industry, food & beverage, oil & gas, etc. Naturally, we actively

PI Poland Meeting Point Sign at Hannover Fair

cooperate with the international PI organization, which ensures us access to recent technology, we actively take part in international conferences.

This year, we will take part in Hannover Fair. As I have mentioned, Poland is the partner country of the fair and PI Poland is a partner of the world’s PI organization. It is a great chance to promote our accomplishments in our country and to meet our partners and clients. Furthermore, it is a great marketing possibility for our organization in the country and worldwide. We are doing our best to use this opportunity and that is why we are honored to invite everyone to Hannover Fair, to see our current achievements, the success of our partners, and in particular of the PI organization.

Dariusz Germanek
Chairman of PI Poland