PI Poland Profile

PI Poland was founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Gliwice. The founders were universities and companies interested in the development and implementation of new industrial networking technology. In 2017 we celebrate the 13th anniversary of the organization, which has been active supporting the development of industrial networks Profibus, Profinet, and IO-Link in Poland.

PI Poland Headquarters Map

Board of PI Poland

The organization is directed by the board, consisting of the chairman Dariusz Germanek, vice chairman Piotr Ostrowski and treasurer Leszek Remiorz.

Members of PI Poland

We see a steady increase in interest in our technologies and an annual increase in association membership. The organization’s members include universities and technical institutes, which actively share their latest knowledge to all interested. There are lectures and symposia at universities. Students have access to well-equipped laboratories, where the dominant role is played by industrial networks, and in particular Profibus, Profinet, and IO-Link. Furthermore, a large group of companies around the world invest a lot of resources to promote their products in Poland, and in particular solutions based on industrial networks. Polish companies also care about the implementations of the latest technologies into their products.

A large group of the certified companies provides local technical support, training, and competence centers. We were able to establish two PI Competence Centers (PICCs) and one accredited PI Training Center (PITC).

Activities with PI International

With the support of international PI organizations and combined efforts there has been a significant development of the organization in Poland. In 2009, PI Poland organized an international conference with PI International in Krakow. The number of participants was impressive and included more than 100 people from around the world. The conference was a success and contributed to greater interest in the organization in Poland.

Activities of PI Poland

Conferences and Symposia

The scope of activities of the organization is part of the thematic conferences relating to industrial networks. New network technologies have been increasingly popular with companies, which implement new solutions on their own devices and systems plus network users. In cooperation with PICCs and PITCs we have successfully organized a uniquely themed conference each year.

Documentation and Materials

One of the main goals of the organization is to provide permanent access to knowledge in the field of industrial networks. We translate the most important PI system descriptions and manuals into Polish.


In cooperation with universities and technical universities we create interesting articles describing the latest solutions in the field of industrial networking.

We also organize several technical workshops where participants learn the latest technology, modifications and possible implementation of the network. We work closely with a large group of member companies.

 Training Events

We appreciate the cooperation of our PITC for certified training on the PI networks. Interest in training is high, because the quality is high.


We naturally have our own website, available in Polish language www.profibus.org.pl

Administrator of the website is Konrad Jastrzab, who has overseen the constant access to information and technical expertise.

Industrial Networks in Poland

The positions of Profibus, Profinet, and IO-Link in the Polish market are very good. After all these years we have achieved a leading role in the industry and industrial networks.