New Marketing Flyers Released

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PI presents two new Marketing Flyers: Process Automation and PROFIdrive.

With exciting advances planned in these areas (process control and motion control, respectively) during the upcoming year, these flyers provide a broad overview of the benefits arising from using PROFIBUS and PROFINET. They are written in an introductory tone for those new to the technologies. Please feel free to share with your colleagues.

PROFIBUS and PROFINET for Process Automation

PROFIBUS and PROFINET are the leading standardized fieldbus communication technologies of PI for all areas of process automation. Both of them provide increased overall performance in plant operation and reduce overall operational costs. Existing technologies are integrated by supporting legacy devices via proxies, which also provide access to intrinsically safe areas. At the same time, the future is already “built-in” with full compatibility to TCP/IP, OPC UA, and any other Ethernet-based protocol.

Easy plant operation is supported, including fast and comfortable installation and exchange of field devices from different manufacturers with the new PA-Profile 4.0, which has been revised intensively and will be released in the coming months.

Download the new flyer

PROFIdrive – Motion / Drives / Encoders

PROFIdrive, the Application Profile created by PI specifically for motion control, has been standardized in IEC 61800-7, and used successfully for over 20 years. It forms a uniform, vendor-neutral and interoperable application interface for drives & encoders. With its six application classes, PROFIdrive provides a seamless, scalable solution for all drive technology applications from the very basic (e.g. pumps, fans, and compressors) to the very complex (e.g. multi-axis motion control).

In short, PROFIdrive helps make the configuration and parameterization of drives easier.

Download the new flyer