PROFIBUS vs PROFINET — New White-Paper

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PI presents a new white paper based on the popular PROFIblog post:
PROFIBUS vs PROFINET Comparison and Migration Strategies

The PI North America blog (PROFiblog) has been an ongoing initiative for over 10 years. Topics covered include topics from switch types to industry information. The most popular blog post until today is a PROFINET vs PROFIBUS post. The post briefly and objectively compares both technologies. The new white-paper was created with the idea of expanding this information by making an in-depth analysis. The white-paper also includes additional topics: technology adoption, migration strategies, and PROFIBUS to PROFINET proxies. The introduction of the paper is below, the full copy is here:

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PROFIBUS vs PROFINET Comparison and Migration Strategies

Introduction: “PROFIBUS and PROFINET are two different widely deployed automation protocols created by the same organization. PROFIBUS is a classical serial fieldbus and PROFINET is an industrial Ethernet standard. They share similarities due to their common source, but PROFINET has additional capabilities that allow faster and more flexible communication. This white paper will explore the differences between them and explain migration strategies from PROFIBUS to PROFINET.”