New IRT Basic Technology for PROFINET Controllers

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Nuremberg – November 29, 2017: In addition to the dedicated work on the integration of new standards such as TSN, the PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) community also drives further development of today’s basic technologies. PI efforts towards improving PROFINET technologies ensure the steady continuation of the innovative standard with a large diversity of manufacturers and variety of high-quality devices establishes.

Siemens PROFINET IRT Development Kit

Siemens recently announced a new development kit for PROFINET IRT Controller integration into any desired target systems. Its core is the ASIC SOC1 proven in many of their products and the associated firmware stack. A configuration library derived from already proven engineering tools is available for easy network parameterization in the particular engineering environment of the target system. The required software components are supplied in source code, so possible adaptations or portings necessary for integration into the particular target systems can be carried out. A fast, easy start is possible with the CP 1625 evaluation board as a development platform. The interface to the application for the long-established PROFINET RT Controller, which is used in various customer products, was enhanced with functions for IRT and clock synchronization.

There is also good news on the subject of drive technology. Application examples for drive classes AC1 (standard drive) and AC4 (servo drive) are available for easy implementation of the PROFIdrive drive profile in the devices on both the controller and device side.

Hilscher PROFINET IRT Controller Technology

Hilscher, the independent communications specialist, has rounded off the spectrum of real-time Ethernet protocols for netX with the PROFINET IRT Controller technology. The PROFINET IRT Controller is now a standard part of the established CIFX PC cards or net Jack and COMX embedded modules.

Alternatively, the PROFINET IRT Controller can be used with the Hilscher netX multi-protocol master chips for integration in designs. Design of the IRT network is carried out exclusively with the proven Hilscher configuration tool.

Both the PROFINET IRT Controller and the PROFINET IRT Device can be operated together with the PROFIdrive reference implementations. The appropriate interface adaptations are available from Hilscher or through the PROFIdrive community. This also simplifies access to the drive solutions with PROFINET IRT.


The increasing number of newly certified PROFINET Devices shows uninterrupted growth in product diversity. Trouble-free interaction of different devices in machines and systems is only assured by practice-oriented certification tests. For this reason, PI invests heavily in the development of test tools and the qualification of testing labs.