New Products – March 2018

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A Revolution in the analysis of PROFIBUS networks: Get the result within seconds from Indusol

Plug in, measure, result – without having to struggle through numerous complex tables and diagrams. Anyone who has performed a quality analysis on an industrial network knows that quick and easy measurement results can simplify the work of the maintenance department. With this in mind, Indu-Sol has developed a multifunctional measurement tool for PROFIBUS networks which is easy to use – the PB-QONE.
With clear displays, quality diagnosis based on the traffic-light principle and many further easy to use functions, pre-knowledge and regular usage is not a pre-requisite to use the PB-QONE successfully.

Renesas Electronics Simplifies Integration for Industrial Ethernet with Intelligent RJ45 Module Solution

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced its latest industrial Ethernet module solution, the I-RJ45, which incorporates a single- or dual-port RJ45 connector and simplifies integration for industrial Ethernet by supporting various industrial network slave applications including sensors and transmitters, gateways, operator terminals and remote I/O. The solution comprises an intelligent RJ45 module that comes with qualified embedded software to support multiple industrial Ethernet protocol stacks. The software package and sample codes provide system manufacturers with a complete set of tools and frameworks to build their application without any additional up-front costs or complexity. This accelerates prototyping, reducing the time needed for industrial network protocol integration efforts up to three months.

Phoenix Contact: PCB terminal blocks for Profinet

Phoenix Contact is now offering the first PCB terminal block for Profinet-compliant data transmission. Each of the 4-pos. MKDS 1, SPTAF 1, ZFKDS 1,5C and SPT 2,5 PCB terminal blocks have been designed especially for the connection of twisted pair conductors with cross sections of 0.14 mm² to 4 mm². Printed or color-coded connection points enable easy assignment of the conductors. All variants satisfy the requirements of the Profinet directive, version 4.00, and are suitable for secure data transmission in accordance with CAT5 (IEC 11801).nel.

Siemens: New generation of soft starters for simple to demanding drive requirements

With its Sirius 3RW5 range, Siemens is launching a new generation of soft starters for simple to demanding drive requirements. This comprehensive range of devices for the soft starting of three-phase asynchronous motors from 5.5 to 1,200 kW enables efficient and future-proof machine concepts to be implemented easily and cost-effectively. The new Sirius 3RW5 soft starters are suitable for any drive, they can be easily integrated into the automation system, and they supply data right up to MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system of Siemens.

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