PROFINET Plugfests Push Possibilities

PROFINET Plugfests in Germany

On February 21-22, the first PROFINET Plugfest with special focus on High Availability took place at the Technical University of Applied Sciences (OTH) Amberg in Germany. The main focus was the test of PROFINET devices of various manufacturers offering system redundancy, i.e. supporting the PROFINET application class “High Availability”. Besides the classic interoperability test between controllers and devices, the participating manufacturers had the possibility to have their devices tested by the newly developed High-Availability Certification Test prototype. The PROFINET High-Availabilty Certification Test will be introduced together with the new PROFINET Test Bundle at the Hanover Fair in April 2018.

Another PROFINET Plugfest is planned to occur in June elsewhere in Germany. This will be a ‘general’ Plugfest, i.e. without a focus on High Availability. Invitations to follow.

PROFINET Plugfest in USA:  Survey Says…

A recent survey of Device Manufacturers, Solution Providers, and Infrastructure Component Manufacturers indicated a desire for another PROFINET Plugfest in the United States. If you are a member of PI North America and did not receive/take the survey: Click Here (members only!)

Based on initial feedback, the North American PROFINET Plugfest will occur in the second half of 2018.  Further details to follow.