New Products – January 2020

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Lumberg Automation: LioN-Link PROFINET BusHead 0940 ESL 601

The bus coupler has an integrated switch, which allows wiring of the PROFINET network in the line structure familiar from PROFIBUS networks. There is also an integrated web server, which can be accessed via a standard TCP/IP connection. With this connection, various information can be retrieved and settings can be adjusted using a standard web browser. In addition to retrieving device information, it is also possible to set IP addresses directly.

Quabbin: Harsh Environment Ethernet Cables

Quabbin is now developing a line of solid Harsh Environment Ethernet cables. As the ethernet protocol spreads to more and more applications, large plants are being prewired with 22AWWG 4 Pair Solid IE cable as the backbone for their factory communications. This cable provides Cat 5e performance for the full 100-meter channel. It is PLTC rated, Oil and UV resistant for Outdoor applications.

PROCENTEC: New Releases

Ring-redundancy with Multiple Ports: PROCENTEC’S new fiber-optic hubs, ProfiHub B4FOR+ and B2FOR+, are available in both single mode and multi-mode. The difference is the cable length they can handle. The main channel is uniquely divided into 2 ports. Each with an input and output creating a ring topology within the PROFIBUS network or ring-redundancy.

The insight to outperform: PROCENTEC’s Osiris provides a unique insight in your networks health and topology. Until now this powerful software tool was only available on PROCENTEC’s Atlas and Mercury diagnostics platforms. PROCENTEC now offers a subscription PC-version of Osiris.

Combined mobile diagnostics and desktop use: PROCENTEC has released the Mercury 10″. Just as robust as the 7″ Mercury, but now with a tablet and laptop mode. A handy 2-in-1 solution for mobile diagnostics and desktop use. Easy network maintenance, troubleshooting, and monitoring with Osiris inside.

Reflect on shutdowns, deploy a mirror: EtherMIRROR 10/100 was developed to gain on-demand, passive diagnostic information from multiple networks, PROCENTEC’s innovative EtherMIRROR is a measuring point that can be easily installed on any Industrial Network running on PROFINET.

The World’s Smallest Optical Distance Sensor

This sensor fits into even the tiniest of gaps: No bigger than a sugar cube, the laser distance sensor FT 10-RLA from SensoPart is ideally suited to challenging measuring tasks, for example in semi-conductor assembly or robotics applications. The output of measurement values is purely digital thanks to IO-Link.

Siemens: New Generation of Machine-level Block I/O Devices with IP65/67 Protection

Siemens has launched a new generation of machine-level block I/O devices in the form of the Simatic ET 200eco PN. The new I/O family with IP65/67 degree of protection includes five digital I/O devices as well as an IO-Link master device and offers users a whole range of new functions for modern machine concepts and requirements. In their new industrial metal enclosure, the devices are reliably protected from UV radiation and harmful substances even under adverse environmental conditions.

Click on a headline to learn more about a given product.