New Products – November 2020

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New Single Pair Ethernet PHY for PROFINET

Analog Devices is now sampling the ADIN1100 10BASE-T1L PHY. ADIN1100 enables lower power, Ethernet connectivity on a single twisted pair cable > 1,200m with only 39mW of power consumption. With 10BASE-T1L and PROFINET connectivity, asset health insights are now more accessible, as the insights are now available across a converged IT/OT Ethernet network. 10BASE-T1L supports hazardous area use case applications (Intrinsically Safe Zone 0) for process automation deployments and is sometimes referred to as Ethernet-APL.


HELUKABEL has announced that select PROFINET and PROFIBUS cable products have earned a Power-Limited Tray Cable – Exposed Run (PLTC-ER) certification. The product specific cable types being upgraded are: PROFINET Type A, PROFINET Type B, and PROFIBUS DP. The original PLTC certification allowed the products to extend outside of the cable tray 6 ft (1.8 m). With the upgraded PLTC-ER certification, these products can extend up to 50 ft (15 m) outside of the cable tray without additional protection e.g. conduit, armoring, etc.

Combined Forked Sensor with IO-Link

The GSX forked sensor from Leuze combines the two detection methods of ultrasonics and light in a single housing. Until now, Leuze offered two forked sensor models for this purpose: light and ultrasonics. A new version that combines light and ultrasonics is now available. The new GSX forked sensor features an IO-Link interface.  This serves to easily, quickly, and economically configure the sensor. The interface can be used to enable remote teaching, or to lock the buttons, among other things.

IO-Link Communications Technology Reduces Factory Downtime

The MAXREFDES177# IO-Link reference design from Maxim Integrated demonstrates the flexibility of the MAX22515 IO-Link transceiver, seamlessly configuring all modes of the MAX22000 software-configurable analog IO. This chipset provides flexibility with faster reconfiguration to reduce factory downtime. Software-selectable capabilities are combined and demonstrated in the MAXREFDES177# IO-Link reference design.

Flexible, Configurable Dual IO-Link and SIO Transceiver

STMicroelectronics is bringing extra flexibility to IO-Link connections with the L6364 transceiver, which features dual communication channels that allow configurable output doubling for extra drive strength, in addition to a DC/DC converter and dual-mode UART. The L6364 supports IO-Link at COM2 (38.4 kbaud) and COM3 (230.4 kbaud) modes, as well as standard Single-Input/Output (SIO) communication.

New Single Pair Ethernet PHY for PROFINET

Texas Instruments announced a new Ethernet PHY capable of transmitting 10-Mbps Ethernet signals up to 1.7 km through a single pair of twisted wires. The DP83TD510E helps designers implement a single communications network, from controller to edge node, that is capable of transmitting full-duplex data over a single pair of twisted wires. The DP83TD510E is designed for use in intrinsically safe Ethernet-APL systems.