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Click on a document title to find more information and download the file. Many tools and documentation are member-only. The White Papers that follow are available publicly.

Tools and Documentation

The GSD Editor of the PROFIBUS User Organization (PNO) in Germany is a 32-bit MS Windows application. It provides an easy-to-use interface for creating, editing and checking GSD files for PROFIBUS DP devices.

OPC UA for PROFINET Companion Specification (New)
The scope of the OPC UA PROFINET Companion Specification is to define an OPC UA Information Model to represent the standardized object model from PROFINET.

PROFIsafe Specification (Updated)
This amendment specifies the concepts for PROFIsafe Parameterization in Run (PiR). It is based on PROFIsafe V2.6MU1.

IO-Link Integration for PROFINET (New)
This document maps the IO-Link technology into PROFINET in such a manner that the user benefit is maximized through standardization.

PROFINET Test Specification (New)
This document covers the test specifications and the certification procedures for PROFINET; new version 2.41.

PROFINET Security Guideline (Updated)
This guideline is intended for users and operators of industrial networks, particularly those using Ethernet-based PROFINET.

Registration Form – PROFIBUS Device (New)
To register your PROFIBUS device, please use this form.

PROFINET PA Basic Slide Set (New)
This compact Slide Set PROFINET for Process Automation provides an overview why and how PROFINET is increasingly used for Process Automation.

Readme for PROFINET Tests (New)
This file is the readme of the PROFINET Test Bundle. It gives helpful hints and links for the PROFINET certification. It contains BoT (Begin of Test) and EoT (End of Test) of the current version.

PROFINET over TSN Guideline (New)
This guideline provides initial guidance for device and stack developers to expedite the development of new devices supporting PROFINET over TSN.

Diagnosis for PROFINET Guideline (New)
This guideline describes how to use the PROFINET diagnosis. It assists manufacturers during their own device development.

PROFINET GSDML Upgrade Tool (Upgraded)
The Upgrade-GSDML tool automates this process to the greatest possible extent. The tool is provided free of charge by PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (Germany) to all members of PI.

PROFINET Test Software Bundle (Updated)
The PROFINET Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET interfaces for field devices and controllers. It can be used as a means for preparation of the mandatory certification for PROFINET devices.

Process Control Devices (Updated)
This specification is to support the standardization of application process definitions.

Topology and Asset Discovery for PROFINET Guideline
This Guideline is a successor of Topology and Engineering Discovery (TED) Guideline whose primary objective was to describe pieces of information, which were needed to be present in the devices, to be able to detect topology and to provide the topology information to a device/tool that requests it. 

The GSD Checker is able to show the content of GSD files for PROFINET in an easy to understand table view. It also contains a function to check the accuracy of GSD files which helps to build a valid description file.

Manufacturers Declaration for PROFINET Cabling
For an easy and reliable PROFINET installation, a component approach for passive network components has been standardised in the IEC 61784-5-3. For PROFINET passive components the conformity shall be declared by the manufacturer of the product. This is the declaration form.

GSDML Specification for PROFINET (New)
This specification covers the GSDML, which describes a PROFINET device regarding its identification, its structure, its communication features, its process data, its parameters, and its diagnosis.


The following call-for-experts are currently open:

New White Papers

Ethernet-APL White Paper (Updated)
Ethernet with an Advanced Physical Layer (Ethernet-APL) will enable long cable lengths and explosion protection via intrinsic safety with communication and power over two wires. This white paper covers the business environment, technical specifications, implications for different user types, and the development status of Ethernet-APL.

PROFINET IRT: The Solution for Synchronous Real-time Applications 
This White Paper explains PROFINET IRT mechanisms, such as Bandwidth Reservation, Scheduling, and Synchronization. Also, it covers an overview of how to implement PROFINET IRT, including topology and media options.

PROFINET Application Profiles: PROFIsafe, PROFIenergy, PROFIdrive
This White Paper gives a general overview of Application Profiles. Then, it explains the details and mechanisms for the most commonly implemented Application Profiles: PROFIsafe for functional safety, PROFIenergy for energy management, and PROFIdrive for interoperable drive devices.

PROFINET Optional Features: Overview and Use Cases
This White Paper introduces the mandatory PROFINET capabilities, available in all PROFINET components. Then, it defines and explains several PROFINET optional features, explaining possible use cases and implementation options.

Content in Spanish: El Proyecto APL, Cómo Llegar con Ethernet Hasta el Campo (aún en áreas clasificadas)
Con la APL, finalmente se cuenta con un método sencillo de llevar Ethernet al campo, utilizando cables que se pueden conectar mediante un conector estandarizado o inclusive mediante bloques de borneras terminales. El estándar 10BASE -T1L, resulta especialmente interesante ya que mediante su uso se unificarían todas las diferentes capas físicas empleadas por las señales analógicas y digitales de bus de campo de uso habitual.