New Products – December 2020

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Valve Manifold with PROFIsafe Connectivity

Festo introduces to a unique pneumatic valve manifold that enables up to Performance Level (PL)-d Category 3 safety through an integrated serial bus backplane for pneumatics. The new VTSA-F-CB (CB for C-Bus) valve manifold offers serial communication that enables up to three safety-shutdown-groups per manifold. The solution provides for the ability to control valves with safe switched power zones and to monitor integrated sensors for safety feedback via PROFIsafe.

Inverter Class Includes PROFINET

The FR-E800, a highly flexible, compact variable speed drive (VSD) series with multiple built-in networks, including TSN (Time Sensitive Networking), has been released by Mitsubishi Electric to support the needs of smart factories. Major industrial Ethernet networks are supported as standard including PROFINET. To maintain safety and productivity, the E800 can be incorporated into SIL3 PLe, Cat 3 systems. Integrated safety functionality is featured as standard without the need for an encoder and includes Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Brake Control (SBC) and Safe Speed Monitor (SSM).

Upgraded PROFIBUS and PROFINET Diagnostic Tools

SNAP Analysis from Procentec is a self-learning feature, an add-on to Osiris, that analyses the live data of a PROFIBUS network and gives a written diagnosis of a fault’s most likely cause. SNAP also uses a predictive algorithm to recognize and learn from data patterns, enabling it to predict common network faults. Osiris Enterprise is a new external platform, also from Procentec, that fuses the data of multiple permanent monitoring Atlas units into one convenient overview. Finally, Atlas2, a second-generation permanent monitoring solution for industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS, is also announced.