New Products – April 2021

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TWK: New Safety Encoder for Explosion Protection

In addition to the sensors for zones 2 (gas) and 22 (dust), which have been available for a long time, a new generation of encoders with the future-oriented PROFINET interface is now offered (also with PROFIsafe ), which is also suitable for zones 1 (gas) and 21 (dust); with a certificate for functional safety SIL2 / Performance Level d.

CARLO GAVAZZI: Real-Time Monitoring of Solid State Relays

CARLO GAVAZZI has launched the NRG Series of PROFINET Controllers and multi-function solid state relays. The NRG Series is designed for real-time communication with a controller, allowing machine builders to make informed decisions, solve urgent problems on short notice, and aid in the design of autonomous machines.

Helmholz: PN/MQTT Coupler, From PROFINET Directly Into the Cloud

With the new PN/MQTT Coupler, Helmholz expands its previous product portfolio to fieldbus gateways with another type of communication. Here, the user can create a direct connection of the field or PLC level into the cloud. Data is transmitted securely with SSL encoding and authentication.

Phoenix Contact: Managed Switches With Real-Time Capability for Time Sensitive Networking

The new FL Switch TSN 2300 devices are the first Ethernet Switches for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) from Phoenix Contact. They facilitate the setup of time-synchronous applications, thus ensuring real-time communication and increased availability in automation networks. The switches support the PROFINET TSN profile in the first step. They allow a user-friendly TSN configuration via Profinet 2.4 engineering, just as easy as PROFINET RT.

Balluff: Condition Monitoring and IP69K Washdown Plus Testing Broaden Their Uses

SAMS (Smart Automation and Monitoring System) stands for Balluff’s comprehensive automation philosophy. Our new inductive IO-Link sensors are part of this system. These assure you reliable object detection even under highly challenging conditions, including the demanding cleaning processes required in washdown applications.

Hilscher Enlarges the cifX M.2 PC-Card Portfolio With the PROFIBUS-DP Slave Protocol

Since Hilscher introduced the smallest multiprotocol PC-Card for industrial network connectivity in summer 2020, the portfolio constantly grows with new protocols and card formats. As of March 1st, 2021, users of netX 90-based cifX cards in M.2 2230 format can equip their products with a PROFIBUS-DP device interface. Switching from one of the previously available real-time Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET to a new one could not be easier.

Riftek: 3D Laser Measurement Scanning System Tracks Geometric Parameters

Riftek continues to develop measurement solutions for high-throughput manufacturing processes centered around its well-proven range of 2D laser triangulation sensors. The latest custom-engineered project is a fully automated industrial Ethernet-based system that measures internal geometric parameters of the cylindrical steel bands that form an integral part of automotive tires. The RF627, in combination with the probe software, measures diameter, roundness, chamber width, and angle to an average accuracy of +/- 50 microns with the values returned to a PLC via an integrated PROFINET interface.

Heidelberg Mobil Presents the Deep Hub for omlox Applications

The Deep Hub is a software middleware that enables organizations to manage and integrate location data from all positioning technologies and providers, streamlining even the most complex use case scenarios:​

  • Asset tracking
  • Human-centric navigation
  • Social distancing
  • AGV navigation and management
  • Job scheduling
  • Shop floor security
  • Collision Control

The Deep Hub is lightweight and excels in a wide range of environments, ranging from small edge devices to cascading cloud services. Fundamentally, it translates positioning data from different local coordinate systems into geographical coordinates.

Softing: Design one Hardware Platform for Many Industrial Ethernet Protocols

Softing provides IP Cores and software that allows you to implement Industrial Ethernet protocols for field devices all with one unifying API including PROFINET RT/IRT. The software is designed to support an Altera FPGA and requires hardware with an Ethernet interface. The software architecture enables programmers to use a single application interface for all supported Industrial Ethernet protocols.

Click on a headline or product picture to learn more about a given new product.