New Products – September 2021

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Instant IO-Link for Remote Monitoring of Sensor Data

With the new instant IO-Link solution sensorEDGE, Hilscher is now making remote maintenance easier than ever. Equipped with two netIOL chips – an IO-Link master controller developed by Hilscher – along with a cloud uplink, the sensor box allows data from up to eight IO-Link sensors to be monitored and analyzed remotely. Every second, it transfers sensor data to a cloud as soon as IO-Link sensors are connected to it. The sensors themselves are automatically put into operation via IODD files, which sensorEDGE downloads autonomously as soon as it is connected to the internet. The data can be visualized in the cloud web frontend or accessed by any application via an API.

Upgraded PROFINET Interface for Absolute Rotary Encoders

POSITAL has upgraded the performance of the PROFINET communications interface for their IXARC series of absolute encoders. The speed of the interface has been increased, reducing cycle time by a factor of eight (new:125 μs). In addition, new capabilities have been added, including acceleration monitoring and over-temperature warnings. Output from the encoders can be scaled (amplified or reduced) to meet the requirement of the controller. Fractional scaling is now possible, meaning virtually any scaling factor can be applied.