Upcoming Webinar: An Introduction to omlox

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This webinar will cover in-depth information about the first open locating standard omlox, its use, and benefits for today’s 4.0 landscape by the committee leader and CEO of Heidelberg Mobil, Matthias Jöst, Ph.D. as well as a demo from the omlox testbed and exclusive insights into one of our partner installations.

We hope you can join us.

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About omlox

omlox is an open and interoperable standard that is revolutionizing real-time locating and, therefore, a milestone for companies on the path to Industry 4.0. The focus is to define open interfaces for an interoperable localization system. Until now, real-time locating required proprietary hardware from a single vendor. That single vendor provided the infrastructure to provide location details for whatever was being tracked. Operability between providers was virtually nonexistent. Omlox changes all that: Founded as an ecosystem of providers and solutions, industrial locating is finally widely available. With omlox, products from different manufacturers can be networked together in a core zone using UWB technology; however, various other locating technologies can be easily connected, all for the first time. omlox works with open interfaces to guarantee interoperable use.

For further information, visit: www.omlox.com or contact info@nullomlox.com.