PI News – September 2021

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The latest news and announcements from PI

Ethernet-APL 2021 Virtual Workshop

This two-day workshop will provide 8 hours of information-packed sessions and a multi-vendor demonstration showing actual use-cases. Topics include general introductions to the technology, user viewpoints and expectations, deep dives into infrastructure, installation, intrinsic safety, and semiconductor supplier viewpoints for developers. Join us for this free event. Take this opportunity to talk to our experts and discuss your ideas and questions. Register now!

When: Oct 5-6
Where: Online
Cost: None

Click here for Agenda and Registration

SPS 2021 – We are on board!

You still have the chance to register!

Take your chance to be part of the PI joint booth at SPS from November 23-25, 2021, and register via the marketing program by September 17, 2021.

As a co-exhibitor at the PI joint booth, you can enjoy a cost-effective and attractive trade show appearance and take advantage of the opportunity to present yourself with an individual Company Kiosk or devices on our technology walls.

In addition to the proven technologies PROFINET, IO-Link, PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe, and PROFIdrive, the new locating technology omlox, which has been added to the portfolio, will be a part of the PI joint booth.

Contact Ms. Jill Bohn at jill.bohn[AT]profibus.com to register by September 17, 2021.

ATTENTION: In case of Corona-related cancellation on the part of the trade fair company or PNO, orders placed will be canceled free of charge, and you will therefore not incur any costs.

Mandatory Certificates for All PROFINET-based PI Profiles

The certifying test of the PROFINET devices is an essential component of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) quality assurance. This leads to compliant and interoperable devices in the machines and plants. The profiles are integral parts of the device applications and determine the accessible information and device behavior. Therefore, the certifying test will also be mandatory for the missing profiles PROFIdrive and  Encoder from 01/01/2022.

The certifying test for the PA profile will get mandatory as soon as available. The corresponding stipulations were made in the new version of the document “How to get a certificate for a PROFINET device” (Order No .: 2.922n V1.9 from June 2021). The document is part of the test bundle of Test System 2.42.1.

New and Updated Documentation

The documentation below is free to download by PI members.

PROFINET Test Bundle
Order-No. 5.170; V2.42; July 2021

The PROFINET Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET interfaces for field devices and controllers. It can be used as a means for the preparation of the mandatory certification for PROFINET devices.

New version 2021-07-30:
This Test Bundle V2.42 Release shall be used for certification test of a device and/or a controller of Conformance Classes A and B and a device of Conformance Class C. Actual it is not intended to use it for a device or a controller of Conformance Class D.

PROFINET PA Trial Test Bundle
Order-No. 5.200; V2.42.1; July 2021

The PROFINET PA V4.01 TRIAL Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET PA field devices. The bundle contains some test cases for PROFINET PA devices of version 4.01 for the Automated RT Tester. This bundle is not for official device certification! It is just for trial and providing feedback.

5.120; V2.42; July 2021

Checking the functionality of a PROFINET device without having detailed knowledge about the content of the description file is often important for the user. This is what the GSD Checker does. Version 2.42 supports GSDML V2.42. Restriction: The optional signature element is only checked for syntax. It comes with pre-built binaries for the additional XML parsers Apache Xerces-C++ V3.2.2 and libxml2 V2.9.10. The PROFINET GSD Checker is now a portable app. You can deploy (unzip) the app on every location and run the app without installation.

PROFINET over TSN Trial Test Bundle
Order-No. 5.190; V2.42.1; July 2021

The PROFINET over TSN TRIAL Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET over TSN interfaces for field devices. This bundle aims to get used to the new environment that consists of ART application and ETS – HW that provides a real-time environment for tests. The bundle includes first test cases in the area of testing Time Synchronization via IEEE 802.1AS-2020 and test cases covering functional tests of RSI. Additionally, the first migrated test cases from Standard PROFINET Certification ART to ETS are included. This bundle is not for official device certification! It is just for trial and providing feedback.

EMC Test Specification Ethernet-APL
2.652; V1.0; February 2021

This document specifies requirements for immunity and emissions regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for electrical equipment, operating from a supply or battery of less than 1000 V AC or 1 500 V DC for devices with Ethernet-APL interface. Equipment intended for professional, industrial-process, industrial manufacturing, and educational use is covered by this document. It includes equipment and computing devices for measurement and test; control; laboratory use; accessories intended for use with the above (such as sample handling equipment), intended to be used in industrial and special industrial locations.

Port Profile Specification Ethernet-APL
2.662; V1.0; June 2021

This document specifies port profiles for use in non-hazardous and hazardous areas, with and without power. Ethernet-APL intrinsically safe profiles simplify the examination of the interconnection of different Ethernet-APL ports. Most common industrial-rated connectors for use in process industries are part of this specification. A multi-length cable category system maintains communication integrity while permitting cable constructions optimized for specific applications or environmental ratings.