Two Upcoming PI Webinars: Apr 6 and 19

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PI International Webinar: Technologies for the Digital Transformation

The extraction of valuable information from the mass of existing data and Plug&Produce are gaining a leading role in industry. This and many other phenomena of these innovations are summarized under the keywords Digital transformation and Industrie 4.0. In order to achieve an efficient, robust and secured information extraction, the correct use of suitable technologies is the top priority. This webinar offers you information about the current status and roadmap of technologies for a secured converged network, and standardized information models. Topics include: architecture, PROFINET integration, OPC UA, TSN, security, SPE, and 5G. Make initial plans for PI technologies in your own product/system roadmap! You will be supported by our experts, who will be happy to answer your questions. The accompanying online microfair is the ideal opportunity to establish direct contact with future-oriented and leading technology companies. This gives participants the opportunity to hold intensive expert discussions with the manufacturers.

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2022
Session 1: 8am – 11am CET (Asia + Europe attendees)
Session 2: 4pm – 7pm CET (Europe + Americas attendees)
Cost: Free
Location: Online
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PI North America Webinar: Top 7 PROFINET Questions Answered

What are the top 7 questions surrounding PROFINET? What are the highlights of the technology? Join this Q&A style webinar to learn more and understand how PROFINET really works. Questions answered:

  1. Isn’t PROFINET just Siemens?
  2. Is PROFINET a closed network?
  3. Does PROFINET require special hardware?
  4. Isn’t PROFINET very complicated?
  5. Is it true that PROFINET traffic is not routable?
  6. Is PROFINET secure?
  7. Is PROFINET ‘old’ technology?

Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Time: 9am – 10am MST
Cost: Free
Location: Online
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Join us for this Q&A-style webinar with our resident PROFINET expert and hear the detailed answers to the top questions we receive. We hope you can join us. Seats are limited.

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