IO-Link in the Field: A Well-Established Success!

IO-Link has grown exponentially in many areas of industry and is implemented in a large number of products. I’m very confident that IO-Link will see further growth as a neutral PI technology in other areas of application outside of industry as well. The question is heard more often: "Is this device also available with IO-Link?"

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Two Upcoming PI Webinars: Apr 6 and 19

Join us Wednesday April 6th for a PI International webinar on "Technologies for the Digital Transformation" –held twice to cover all timezones. And then join us on Tuesday April 19th for a PI North America webinar to get your "Top 7 PROFINET Questions Answered" by our resident PROFINET expert in this Q&A-style online discussion.

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Exact Location Tracking for AR via omlox

omlox opens up many new use-cases for AR in industry. Vendors can implement their own location-based services within the standardized omlox core-zone. Via the open omlox hub API, the content for AR is delivered, and via the open omlox air-interface, the absolute self-positioning of the AR device can be done in seconds.

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Power Follows Bus

While fieldbus wiring has become decentralized, power supply wiring has stuck to the central wiring approach. New standards such as «M12-Power» now allow the power supply to follow the network wiring. This structured wiring for power and bus can be well described as «Power follows Bus».

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