New Products – June 2023

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Configurator Simplifies Sensor Set-Up

Swiss spin-off PocketCodr SA introduces the innovative PocketCodr Configurator. PocketCodr and its rich companion app allows users to interact directly with IO-Link sensors, presenting real-time parametric changes in-app on live data graphs. PocketCodr is compatible with all IO-Link sensors, and supports Smart Sensor features, such as single-value, two-value and dynamic teach. PocketCodr is available today as a standalone product for only $149, or as a starter kit including a one-year subscription from $298.

New I/Os for Field Installation

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of I/O systems for control-cabinet-free automation with the new generation of Axioline E communication modules. Featuring high IP65/IP67 degree of protection and a fully encapsulated zinc die-cast housing, the I/O modules are designed for direct use in a machine under harsh ambient conditions. The initial portfolio includes digital input and output devices as well as IO-Link masters as PROFINET devices. All devices feature L-coded M12 connectors for the 2 x 16 A power supply.

IO-Link Safety: The New Standard

Functional safety also benefits from advantages such as universal use, data accuracy, and data availability. The safety-related system extension is based on the use of IO-Link Safety masters and IO-Link Safety devices. The IO-Link Safety I/O box from Phoenix Contact enables the integration of safe sensors and actuators into IO-Link Safety systems. There are eight safe digital inputs and four safe digital outputs available for this purpose.

Load Cell Family with IO-Link

SLP33xD single-point load cells from Mettler Toledo for automated weighing with integrated IO-Link are compatible with any automation control system. For high-speed weighing applications, these load cells provide 200 updates per second through the IO-Link interface. Noise reduction, advanced filtering algorithms and adjustment for temperature changes enable resolution up to 300’000d, ensuring precise weighing results in any application. Rated capacities from 5 kg up to 500 kg with IP67 ingress protection.

Safe Field Devices in the Process Industry

A key technology for process devices is Functional Safety. MESCO has extended its range of successful Safety Design Packages with a tailored architecture for safe field devices in the process industry. A 1oo1D solution is presented to design field devices with a single-channel architecture functionally safe (SIL2 or SIL2CL3).

New Evaluation Board for Ethernet-APL

MESCO has extended is established modular approach in HW/SW development and created an evaluation board Ethernet-APL for 10BASE-T1L and 10BASE-T1S with PoDL (Communication Module A3) for the existing modular system “MESCO Design Packages”. With the new evaluation board, MESCO provides support in the implementation of new Ethernet technologies from the beginning of development until the market launch and certification of field devices.

Indicators and Converters for IO-Link and PROFINET

With fieldbus indicators and IO-Link devices, motrona enables the conversion and transmission of analog and digital signals into the digital world of Industry 4.0. New offerings include: the PROFINET indicator PN350, the IO-Link indicator AX350/IO and the IO-Link converter series IO22x. The two indicators are capable of recording, calculating, evaluating, displaying, and forwarding process data. The converter enables the transfer of various sensor signals into an IO-Link ecosystem.