Sustainable Intralogistics with Eco-Friendly Load Carriers and RTLS

Many companies are currently facing the challenges of measuring and reducing their carbon footprint due to new regulatory requirements as well as soaring energy costs. While stationary assets and machinery can already be optimized through energy consumption measurement, mobile assets – especially those involved in intralogistics – often lack the necessary tools for holistic carbon measurement and optimization.

To tackle this issue, ligenium, objective partner, TRUMPF Tracking Technologies, and Flowcate have joined forces and have developed a holistic solution that combines flexible, CO2-positive wooden load carriers with real-time tracking based on omlox – the open locating standard.

This industry-shaping solution provides a holistic approach to CO2 measurement and the optimization of mobile equipment and materials transport in intralogistics. By combining lightweight and modular load carriers with seamless and interoperable real-time tracking technology, the solution not just reduces CO2 footprint, but also allows for the optimization of material flow. The data is attached to a digital twin of the load carriers and can be visualized in their corresponding digital product passports. The combination of a unified location data ecosystem with a digital twin is a powerful enabler for more sustainable solutions in logistics and manufacturing,

The collaborative solution offers several advantages:

  • Firstly, it reduces the CO2 footprint through the use of lightweight and modular wooden carriers.
  • Secondly, the seamless real-time location tracking provides transparency into all transportation processes and their carbon footprints, allowing for material flow optimization.
  • Finally, by integrating with Asset Administration Shells, future application scenarios can be developed based on service-oriented utilization.

By leveraging the synergy of open standards like omlox and Asset Administration Shells, this joint solution can be easily tailored to meet the specific operational requirements of customers.

The collaborative solution was showcased during the LogiMAT event in Stuttgart earlier this year, at ligenium’s booth and at the Track & Trace Theater hosted by the AutoID Technology Association AIM, where it received outstanding feedback from visitors.

Let’s embrace this innovative solution that combines wooden carriers and real-time location data to foster sustainable intralogistics. Together, we can drive significant reductions in carbon emissions and pave the way for a greener future.