New IO-Link Products – August 2023

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Ultrasonic Sensors with Rotatable Sensor Head

The new cube ultrasonic sensors from microsonic can be easily integrated into mechanical engineering applications and are characterized by flexibility and versatility. Thanks to the rotatable sensor head, the sensors can be aligned in five radial directions and can therefore be ideally adapted to the respective installation conditions. Equipped with an IO-Link interface, the sensor also transmits identification, status and diagnostic values in addition to the measured distances. Limit values or switching points can be easily set with IO-Link.

Line Monitoring Relays

Siemens has launched a new generation of line monitoring relays that combines IO-Link to a controller for preventative maintenance on the grid. The SIRIUS 3UG5 line monitoring relays combine proven technology with new I/O functions to monitor standards-compliant grid stability and quality while ensuring proper system operation and a long service life of components such as motors or compressors. The IO-Link open communication standard enables the transmission and evaluation of measured values and trends in the controller or in higher-level systems. The SIRIUS 3UG5 line monitoring relays have functional safety certification in accordance with the SIL 1 (IEC 62061) and PL c (EN ISO 13849-1) standards and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Color Sensor Portfolio Upgraded with IO-Link

SICK has announced a major advance in its color sensor portfolio, with the launch of its CSS and CSX high resolution and high-speed devices. The SICK CSS Color Sensor detects colors precisely, regardless of the distance from the object. Live L*A*B* or RGB color values are displayed directly on the sensor’s display. An innovative teach-in method enables the sensor to assess the similarity between the detected color and the expected color in real time.  Up to 15 colors can be output directly via the sensor’s four switching outputs. The IO-Link interface offers the capability to output up to 24 colors to a machine controller.

Cube Ultrasonic Sensors

SICK has added the UC40 to its family of ultrasonic cube sensors. The SICK UC40 is capable of wide-ranging ultrasonic detection duties up to 5m. Equipped with push-lock mounting and IO-Link, it can be quickly integrated into machinery, on conveyors and on automated mobile vehicles. The digital push-pull output for IO-Link also means the UC40 can be integrated with minimal cabling into both existing and new installations. The signal quality can be monitored during operation via IO-Link and four status LEDs provide a visual indicator on the sensor that it is operating as expected.

Small Compression and Tension Sensors

HBK miniature force sensors U9C (tension and compression) and C9C (compression) have gone digital and now feature IO-Link communication technology, leading to reduced costs, greater efficiency, and increased reliability. Versions of the devices offer measuring ranges from 50N to 50kN forces and are between 26mm and 46mm in diameter. In addition, the U9C and C9C with IO-Link are more resistant to EMC interference than their analog predecessors.

Clearly Visible Light Signals

Leuze has introduced new tower lights in robust aluminum housing onto the market: The TL 305 series impresses with bright and homogeneous illumination as well as an optional IO-Link interface. The new range of tower lights includes the TL 305 models with a predefined color assignment as well as the TL 305-IOL models with an IO-Link interface. The IO-Link variants allow different operating modes and provide an extensive selection of colors. On request, the tower lights are also available with an additional acoustic signaler.

New Line of Ultrasonic Sensors

Leuze has announced a new line of compact ultrasonic sensors. The company states that the new HTU200 and DMU200 series sensors will be utilized in challenging applications in the packaging and automotive industries. Using a reflected acoustic pulse, they can detect glossy, transparent or dark surfaces and liquids or granular products without problem. The devices have operating ranges between 0.1 and 6 m in various sizes. Some models are also available with an IO-Link interface.

IP69K Photoelectric Sensors

Four new sensors grow the Balluff BOS R254K portfolio from four to eight. They were designed for demanding applications, especially those found in the food industry and packaging sector where aggressive media and high pressure are used for cleaning. They have Ecolab certification as well as IP67 and IP69K ratings. In addition, these sensors have passed what Balluff calls Washdown Plus testing, which simulates over 1,000 washdown cycles. The sensors are part of Balluff’s Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS). All new SAMS products, including these new photoelectric sensors, are self-monitoring, providing internal environmental data in real time via IO-Link.

IP67 Field Power Supplies

Balluff’s new generation of power supplies deliver increased amp output, intelligent diagnostic options, and decentralized installation. Built-in IO-Link functionality enables remote parameterization and monitoring of the device’s status and outputs, and automatically regulates down in case of an overload or overheating. Each power supply offers two outputs with four integrated electronic fuses and separate UA and US voltage supplies, providing protection to the system. In the event of one channel tripping, the other three circuits can still provide power, preventing a failure of the entire system.

New Generation of IO-Link Hubs

Easy entry into efficient and proven IO-Link technology is made possible by the new generation of Balluff‘s I/O hubs. The next generation sensor/actuator hubs provide eight standardized M12 ports, four of which can be configured variably. The added value to existing Balluff IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs is primarily in the optimized housing concept and the deliberate simplicity of the new generation. Less is more − users gain simple handling and support of basic I/O functions without complex add-on functions.

New Robust IO-Link Compliant Transceiver

Being active in the IO-Link community, Renesas is bringing a new silicon solution to the market that meets the latest IO-Link products requirements. The RH4Z2501 is an IO-Link compliant line driver/level shifter designed in a powerful CMOS mixed-signal technology that allows short supply voltage peaks up to 60V. It is available in DFN12 (3x3mm) or WL-CSP15 (2.45×1.65mm) packages and equipped with an integrated surge protection circuit to optionally skip Transients Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diodes in your design. The RH4Z2501 can be set to operate as an IO-Link Device or a single channel IO-Link Master.