Expanded Test Capabilities for Electronics Development

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MESCO has further expanded its test and development capacities to meet the growing industry demands. With a new laboratory, MESCO now offers enhanced testing capabilities for a wide range of applications. The new test capabilities include:

  1. Thermal and humidity measurements: Product developments undergo lab testing to ensure compliance with stringent industrial standards and to withstand temperature and humidity challenges (See Figure 1).
  2. Industrial Ethernet communication: The expanded test capacities enable comprehensive testing of Industrial Ethernet PROFINET communication, ensuring smooth and reliable data transmission.
  3. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): EMC tests ensure the fulfilling of the required standards. So the products can withstand electromagnetic disturbances, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operations (See Figure 2).
Figure 1 – Temperature and Humidity Test Lab


Figure 2 – EMC Test Chamber

Additionally, the new test benches for PROFINET communication, including the PROFISAFE safety protocol allows for pre-certification tests (see Figure 3). These tests enable the early detection and resolution of potential hardware and software implementation issues, saving time and costs.

Figure 3 – PROFINET Test Bench

By broadening the MESCO testing capabilities, MESCO aims to ensure that the developed products meet the required industrial standards. This encompasses EMC, industrial communication, and explosion protection requirements. Moreover, for certain products requiring regulatory approvals, MESCO can conduct sample tests or pre-certification tests in advance. This service allows customers to verify compliance requirements beforehand, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure a smooth certification process.