Newly Added Publications on Security and APL

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The results of the standardization work of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) are usually made available to members and the public in the format of specifications, standards, or white papers. In addition, accompanying documents are often produced, for example as articles in technical journals or as conference papers. In order to make these accompanying documents easily accessible as well, PI is now also providing these documents on the PI website.


You can find documents related to PROFINET Security under:

The following official PI documents can be found there:

  • Security Extensions for PROFINET Whitepaper
  • PROFINET Security Guideline
  • PROFINET Security Class 1 Guideline

As well as these published journal papers:

IT security extensions for PROFINET
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Security extensions for PROFINET – Concepts, Status and Prospects
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PROFINET Security: Technical background and details A Mechanism for Seamless Cryptographic Rekeying in Real-Time Communication Systems by H. Bühler, A. Walz, A. Sikora
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PROFINET Security: A Look on Selected Concepts for Secure Communication in the Automation Domain A. Walz, K.-H. Niemann, J. Göppert, K. Fischer, S. Merklin, D. Ziegler, A. Sikora
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Cryptographic Protection of Cyclic Real-Time Communication in Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses: How Much Hardware is Required? M. Skuballa, A. Walz, H. Bühler, A. Sikora
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You can find documents related to PROFINET over APL under:

Published journal papers include:

Contribution of field devices to the future of plant security (OT-Security) Skuballa M, Walz A, Bühler H, Sikora A
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The Ethernet-APL Engineering Process. A brief look at the Ethernet-APL engineering guideline. Niemann, Karl-Heinz, atp Magazin, 9, 2021; S. 78–83
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PROFIsafe, The Next Generation: Ethernet-APL for Safety Systems Contribution for the NAMUR Annual General Meeting 2022. In atp Magazin, 01-02, 2023; S. 78–85 by Niemann, Karl-Heinz; Risser, Marc
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