New IO-Link Products – September 2023

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Control Unit with IO-Link Technology

The new BN series control device from Pizzato unit adopts IO-Link to exchange essential data on operating conditions, providing detailed information on the state of buttons, LEDs, supply voltage, device utilization time, and temperature. A key feature of the BN Series IO-Link Control Knob is its ability to detect out-of-range values ​​in the monitored data. What’s more, with IO-Link technology all the data on the device can be displayed in real time, which means immediate monitoring and precise performance.

New IO-Link Master for Pneumatic Valve Systems

Emerson has introduced a new IO-Link master that provides customers with a cost-effective solution for smart and analog sensor connectivity on the AVENTICS Series G3 Fieldbus platform. The G3 IO-Link Master is suitable for machine architectures with many sensors and pneumatic valves, and where it’s important to have reliable digital data communication between field devices, such as sensors and the machine controller. Application areas include automotive, tire manufacturing, food and beverage, packaging and metalworking.

New Range of Optical Sensors with IO-Link

ifm electronic has launched a new generation of OGD optical distance sensors which reliably measure distances up to 2 m with an accuracy of one millimetre, even with fast-moving, reflective, multicoloured and other challenging targets. The outputs can be configured to operate based on range or reflectivity. In addition, all types have an IO-Link interface which provides full access to range and reflectivity measurements. An integral display shows the current measured value and can be configured to change color to indicate an out-of-tolerance or alarm condition. Configuration can also be carried out via the IO-Link interface.

Welding Force Calibration Transmitter with IO-Link

In addition to providing an analog measurement of electrode force during resistance spot welding, the Type 9831D from Kistler welding force calibration transmitter offers readout and configuration via the digital IO-Link interface as an option. IO-Link improves flexibility and interoperability to deliver a more user-friendly experience when testing and calibrating robotic welding guns, as well as the force and strain sensor technology integrated in them.