Call for Experts: omlox Safety

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During the last few years, a global standard for real-time location tracking has been established in omlox. There is a middle layer (the omlox hub) with a standardized API and a full air-interface protocol for interoperability in the tracking HW (the omlox core-zone). Both specifications are already available in version 2 and the implementations are running at several global market-leaders, mainly in Europe. The strongest communities exist in Germany and China, with rising interest in the USA.

The omlox committee members come from Accenture, flowcate, ST Micro, and TRUMPF. The new working-group leader omlox safety Philip Kleen comes from Fraunhofer IOSB-INA.


In the existing working-groups the main aspects of a real-time location-system (RTLS) were fully specified. This allowed interoperable operation of different HW and SW elements to operate in one RTLS end-to-end system. For several highly interesting use-cases, a safety relevant location needs to be determined. An example is the activation of a safety circuit from a mobile operating panel: this is only allowed from a viewpoint, which allows full overview of the critical working-space. In order to enable such mobile operation, the location of the mobile panel needs to be determined in a safe manner. There are many more safety-related location use-cases which need to be addressed by this new working group.


The new working group omlox safety will meet regularly and is intended to exist continuously. The new working group leader Philip Kleen will also be a member of the omlox committee. After a first phase in which the use-cases are discussed and understood, the members will exchange their different understandings and a good knowledge foundation concerning the existing omlox standards will be established. Then the final task will start, and the working group will draft a first specification proposal as a safety enhancement.

Seeking Experts

  • omlox hub
  • omlox core zone
  • Software for safety applications like IEC 61508, IEC 62061
  • Experience in development and application of functional safety
  • Member in other PI safety working groups like PROFIsafe or OPC UA Safety


The goal is a draft of the first omlox safety specification, which describes mechanisms and architectures. Furthermore, requirements for the execution of the infrastructure and possible omlox safety core zone are to be defined. Development of a test specification that explicitly addresses functional safety. The vision is to be able to use omlox as a component of functional safety.


The working group will closely cooperate with the omlox core-zone and on-demand with the hub working group. If needed, we can also utilize existing cooperations, like fira, to reuse already-established processes, e.g. distance-bounding.

Furthermore, proximity to PROFIsafe and OPC UA Safety is sought to bring proven procedures and existing expertise to omlox.


The first constitutive meeting will take place on July 2nd, 2024, via MS-Teams.

For participation, contact:
Philip Kleen | philip.kleen[AT]