IO-Link and mioty: The Best of Both Worlds

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In the summer of 2023, the IO-Link community and mioty alliance resolved to collaborate and cooperate more closely in the future. The focus of this cooperation is the end user, who is to benefit from considerable added value as a result of the two organizations’ collaboration.

The seamless integration of mioty into the IO-Link ecosystem extends the scope of IO-Link, thus offering added value for all industrial users who previously utilized the advantages of IO-Link. The implementation of new technologies enables considerably easier integration à la IO-Link here. By combining mioty’s robust, wireless LPWAN network and the versatility and integration of IO-Link technology, the aim is to optimize system networking, improve remote monitoring & remote control and offer greater flexibility and scalability to our customers in various industries.

mioty and IO-Link wireless complement one another optimally with regard to wireless technology here: While mioty enables long ranges, a large number of devices, a long battery service lifes and data transfer with limited bandwidth on the one hand, IO-Link wireless focuses on the advantages of real-time capability and fast process control on the other.

The IO-Link community and mioty alliance are currently cooperating in two working groups for technology and marketing in which work is being carried out on a technical system specification and the associated strategy for joint cooperation at the same time. Interested companies are warmly welcome to participate here.

In the working groups, work is being carried out on a system description of mioty for the IO-Link ecosystem. At the same time, the technical working group began sketching out a system specification after technical connection criteria could not be found. Completion of these specifications is expected this year. Devices in the POC stage which follow this specification and represent a linking of mioty and IO-Link were displayed at the Hanover Fair in Germany, April 2024).