New Products 2/2 – June 2024

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Linear Displacement Transducer with PROFINET

Temposonics has announced a new generation of sensors focused on Industry 4.0, that features advanced machine monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities to enhance industrial productivity. The R-Series V PROFINET now transmits additional sensor status information, such as internal temperature, total operating hours and distance traveled by magnets, directly to the controller via the PROFINET protocol. This allows for improved predictive maintenance and machine condition monitoring. Updates include the encoder profile version V4.2, making the R-Series V PROFINET the first linear position sensor certified for this version.

Discrete I/O via IO-Link Hub

Machine builders can quickly and easily collect discrete I/O at the source with the R130C Discrete IO-Link Hub from Banner Engineering. Featuring industry-standard top-exit M12 connectivity and 16 discrete PNP inputs, the R130C cost-efficiently integrates up to 16 non-IO-Link devices into an IO-Link system. Its compact size, along with IP65, IP66 and IP67 ratings, allow it to be mounted on a machine close to sensors. The R130C Discrete IO-Link Hub quickly and easily collects discrete IO, then sends it as a single IO-Link data stream to an IO-Link master.

Radar Detection Sensors with IO-Link

The QR90 Series radar sensors from Banner Engineering uses radar technology to deliver reliable detection across a broad vertical and horizontal field of view with a long sensing range. The Q90R series offers a beam angle of up to 120 x 40 degrees and an extensive 20-meter sensing range. Pulse Pro I/O output provides immediate feedback of measurement or device output states for quick decision-making, and IO-Link communication easily integrates into most control systems to provide advanced diagnostics.

Miniature Laser Measurement Sensor with IO-Link

Banner Engineering announces two new modes to the Q2X series of miniature photoelectric sensors: Laser Measurement and the Fixed-Field. The Q2X Laser Measurement sensor can sense challenging targets like dark or shiny poly bags with a powerful infrared laser with best-in-class excess gain. The Q2X integrates easily into most control systems, and IO-Link allows easy access to measurement values, delay timers, and advanced diagnostics.

Area Detection with IO-Link

The K50Z Multipoint Sensor from Banner Engineering delivers reliable measurement across a wide area, ensuring detection of irregularly-shaped objects like mesh carts or pallets with holes. The K50Z uses 3D time-of-flight technology and a wide beam angle to detect objects up to 2 meters away using 64 measurement points. The K50Z has two independently configured outputs, allowing it to monitor two separate areas within its field of view. The K50Z can be integrated into different control systems using IO-Link.

Valve Island with PROFINET and S2 Redundancy

The valve island Type 8652 from Bürkert is now available with both PROFINET media redundancy protocol (MRP) and system redundancy S2. Type 8652 can now be connected to two system controllers simultaneously thanks to the corresponding PROFINET interface. If a communication connection of Type 8652 is interrupted (e.g. due to a cable break), the valve island is supplied by the additional cable via an alternative communication path. Failures due to cable breaks at field or device level can therefore be avoided with MRP. With S2 system redundancy, if a PLC fails or requires maintenance, the second PROFINET network is used for data exchange without interruption.