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TSN: The Course is Set

There are many questions regarding TSN technology: What’s the guaranteed transfer time, latency and performance? Can I continue using existing technologies? When will the new technology be ready? PI provides concrete answers HERE.

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Building on the Architecture of the Future

Open solutions have always been the trademark of PI technologies. The PI Organization follows this credo both in the integration of TSN into PROFINET and the presentation of PROFINET data in the OPC UA object model. The result is a user-friendly solution which can be used for future architectures as well as brownfield systems.

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The Many Uses of PROFINET and OPC UA

The theme for this month's issue is clear: the usefulness in employing both PROFINET and OPC UA. Existing use-cases (e.g. predictive maintenance) become easier to achieve, and new use-cases (e.g. C2C Safety) are created through the powerful combination of these two complementary technologies. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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PROFINET & OPC UA: A ‘Map’ Made in Heaven

Mapping PROFINET data to the OPC UA information model has been one of the main tasks of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International for the past few months. The many use-cases discovered show that the effort spent collaborating on a Companion Specification with the OPC Foundation will be beneficial across the Industry 4.0 landscape.

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