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ProSoft Technology EtherNet/IP to PROFINET IO Device Gateway

The gateway can be used in a variety of applications, including those involving PLC-to-PLC interlocking, a SCADA interface or data concentration. Our EtherNet/IP™ driver supports multiple I/O connections offering you fast, consistent data delivery and the ability to prioritize data transfers by setting different update rates for control and diagnostic data. This allows you to […]

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Mobile PROFIBUS Diagnostics and Cable Testing in One Device

Softing announces the release of its new mobile PROFIBUS Tester which provides extended functionality. The new PROFIBUS Tester BC-700-PB is a powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for comprehensive testing of PROFIBUS segments during operation and can now also be used for cable testing. The device is battery powered which guarantees maintenance and commissioning engineers the […]

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