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GE adds PROFINET to a safety controller, HMS adds PROFIdrive to their solution set, Softing introduces a new PROFIBUS subsystem, Siemens adds device detection to its server software, Teledyne DALSA adds PROFINET to its vision camera, and TR Electronic adds PROFINET MRP to its absolute encoders.


GE is constantly evolving their DCS and Safety system software, ControlST, to improve customer experience, enhance plant operation, and keep pace with advancements in technology.  In V05.04.00C, several major features are being introduced including support for linking  PROFINET I/O devices to MarkVIe controllers with PROFINET V2.2 I/O connectivity.

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The extension to the new Anybus CompactCom 40-series enables drives manufacturers to comply with common profile specifications such as PROFIdrive, and others. Different networks have different standards for how to communicate with a drive (for example, to tell the drive to operate at a certain speed). These so called “drive profiles” or “motion profiles” are supported by the Anybus concept through a Profile Driver Package — a software stack which is implemented into the drive during development.

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Softing Industrial Automation is introducing a new PROFIBUS slave subsystem that can be fully loaded into an FPGA. The solution consists of a VHDL-designed PROFIBUS controller and processor on which runs the entire protocol software. The PROFIBUS slave subsystem supports DP V0 and DP V1 and is available for Altera FPGA Cyclone-Series III, IV, V and SoC.

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Netzwerkmanagementsystem vereinfacht Überwachung industrieller Netzwerke / Network management system simplifies industrial network monitoringSiemens

With its new V13 Sinema Server software release, Siemens is simplifying the monitoring of industrial networks. The new software automatically detects all Profinet and Ethernet devices within a network, and enables a clear visualization of them in a web browser. Version 13 is also able to directly read out information from Simatic Controllers (Simatic S7-300 / S7-400) and connected Profinet devices.

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18117724672_bae4de3dbd_o copyTeledyne DALSA

Teledyne DALSA  announced its next generation BOA™2 Smart Camera featuring higher resolution imaging, dual-core processing and embedded iNspect™ Express application software. The embedded iNspect Express application software supports standard factory protocols, such as Profinet for interfacing with complementary factory products and control networks.

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CEV65_solid_shaftTR Electronic

TR Electronic, is proud to announce the debut of its new Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) equipped Linear and Rotary encoders. As the demand for robustness and reliability of control networks increases in the manufacturing and automation industries, so does the demand for technologies which can enable end users to meet this fast growing need. Media Redundancy Protocol integrates into a ring topology PROFINET network.

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