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There is member news this month from HMS and Softing. HMS announces a collaboration with Xilinx to deliver next generation industrial networking solutions. Softing has published a White Paper discussing PROFINET network diagnostics.


HMS, a Xilinx Alliance Program Member, is adapting the Anybus technology to the FPGA and Zynq platforms, with the aim of enabling Xilinx customers to implement all popular Industrial Ethernet protocols, such as Profinet, and others.  The objective is to form the first one-stop-shop solution for industrial communication IP cores on Xilinx and leverage Anybus’s platform concept for a new level of integration and productivity. Read More…


The use of TCP/IP-based communication changes the character of industrial networks. The comprehensive plant-wide planning of the diagnostic tasks to be performed provides key benefits to PROFINET users looking to minimize the failure risk of their production plant and increase the efficiency of their maintenance work. A thorough acceptance test for the PROFINET network provides a sound basis for the future smooth operation of the plant. Read More…