PROFINET Enables Today’s and Tomorrow’s Machine Building

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Already today machine builders are forced to construct new machines for the worldwide market which can produce things flexibly, adapted to customer demands.

PROFINET supports them with built-in TCP/IP communication, which is independent from special hardware or software modules in the devices or controllers. So communication between the overlaid production line control and the non-PROFINET devices is easily possible.  It is easy to modify the machine function by a new parameterization; for example, of a vision system.

Not only during the production of the product is flexibility required, but also during the production of the machine itself. Machine builders often modify an overall concept depending on the customer requirements.  This might happen during design, during installation, or even at the customer’s plant with the help of modularization.

PROFINET enables such modular concepts.  The topology is flexible.  Even the motion control synchronization portion of the network is open and available to non-PROFINET traffic.  The engineering tool can be used for motion and standard I/O in the same project.

PROFINET offers functions beyond the basic requirements including PROFIsafe, PROFIenergy, and comprehensive diagnostics.  Diagnostic features can prevent downtime to increase machine availability.  High availability during the operation is necessary to offer competitive machines today and in the future.  PROFINET defines the highest available standard.

Here is a short overview about the benefits of PROFINET in machine building:

and also a nice example:

You can also realize the benefits of PROFINET for your machines or your devices for machines!

Xaver_Schmidt2Xaver Schmidt

Chair, PROFINET Marketing Working Group