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The famous PROFINET book by Manfred Popp is now available in Japanese. Read the abstracts for the upcoming PROFIBUS Conference in the United Kingdom. A new white paper has been released in Australia regarding industrial communications enabling the Industrial Internet of Things.


Japanese PROFIBUS Organization (JPO) translated the new version of Industrial Communication with PROFINET into Japanese. The book in Japanese has been available since May 12, 2015. JPO has organized PROFINET seminars regularly for years.

PROFINET product testing began in Japan in 2014. JPO expects more companies will develop PROFINET products more easily with the support of the Japanese PROFINET book.

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United Kingdom

Here is a sample list of the abstracts from some of the presentations that will be given at the PROFIBUS Conference in Straford-upon-Avon, June 23-24.

  • The way forward for HART users
  • Essential quality criteria for planning and validation of PROFINET networks
  • Future trends and their impact on the networks of the future.
  • PROFINET is widely accepted and well proven in plant engineering
  • Find out why PROFIBUS became the preferred water industry serial communications protocol
  • Do you want to go beyond reading about PROFINET and have a go using it
  • Advances in Newspaper Printing with PROFINET and PROFIdrive
  • Shedding light on PROFINET node development
  • PROFINET in action at a major plant of AUDI
  • Preparing for the “factories of the future”

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This paper argues the customer benefits and solution competence of fieldbus and Ethernet network technologies through an approach encompassing technological innovativeness, knowledge resource development, skills availability, open vendor strategy and a unique relationship-based “Profibus & Profinet Community” approach.

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