New PI North America Explainer Video: How Does PROFINET Work?

Short Excerpt from the new PI North America PROFINET Video

“This video is about what PROFINET is and how it works. PROFINET is an open industrial Ethernet standard, so let’s start by explaining Ethernet. Ethernet is the most widely used communication medium in the world to transmit data between devices.

Ethernet is everywhere! You may be familiar with it from your home or office. It resides on layers 1 and 2 of the ISO/OSI model. This model generically describes the different abstraction layers in a communication system. Ethernet together with TCP/IP communication forms the basis of the Internet we all use every day!”

PI North America is proud to present a new video in addition to their many existing ones. The new video explains PROFINET concepts in a fun and didactic way for beginners that need an introduction to the technology. It covers concepts such as the ISO-OSI model, Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET Real-Time, determinism, bandwidth reservation, and PROFINET’s open infrastructure. PI North America plans to show this video as a fun and insightful introduction during its free PROFINET one-day training classes, but also as a standalone online resource for the general public. Feel free to share this video with your colleagues and across social media!

Get ready to meet Bob on his journey towards delivering PROFINET messages!