New Products – February 2018

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Beamex introduces the MC6-Ex – Intrinsically Safe Calibrator and Communicator

If you want to take a non-Ex calibrator into a hazardous area, you will typically need a hot-work permit.  Using an Ex certified intrinsically safe calibrator in an Ex area provides another option. It offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals. It also contains a field communicator for PROFIBUS PA instruments.

HP-25 PROFIBUS DP cable tester

This small handheld device checks for the most frequently found cable connection faults seen with PROFIBUS DP wiring between pairs of 9-pin D-sub PROFIBUS plugs. The software checks for open lines, short circuits and crossed connections, reporting any such failures on a red background, with a sound signal and text details shown on the front panel color display.

OPTIMASS now available with PROFINET

The MFC 400 signal converter is now available with a PROFINET option. Hereby, all OPTIMASS x400 Coriolis mass flowmeters (compact and field versions) can be equipped with Industrial Ethernet communication, complementing the existing PROFIBUS PA and DP, and other communication options. All measuring, process, and diagnostic information is available real-time via a single communication channel.

WLAN and Bluetooth transmission in a single module

The Ethernet Port Adapter (EPA) Bluetooth and WLAN wireless modules from Phoenix Contact are being replaced by the EPA 2 generation models, with immediate effect. These new adapters combine Bluetooth and WLAN transmission in a single robust module with  IP 65 rating. Protocol-transparent communication makes it easy to transmit different standard protocol types, including PROFINET.